Monitoring app to manage your kids online social interactions


Many parents will encounter some problems when educating their children. For example, children are addicted to mobile phones and the Internet. They don’t know how to judge correctly, and they don’t know how to make choices or what to do is correct. With the proliferation of bad information, it has become a very common phenomenon for parents to want to control their children’s mobile phones, and there seems to be a consensus among parents.

Many parents are trying to control their children’s phone use, which includes installing monitoring apps to manage their children’s phones. The mobile phone of the child can be monitored through the software, so that the software will automatically count the time the child uses the mobile phone every day, the duration of use, call records, etc., parents can manage the mobile phone of the child through the software, and clearly grasp the situation of the child using the mobile phone , so as to better limit children’s use of mobile phones, so that children can reasonably allocate time to life and study.

Monitor your child’s cell phone

Cell phone monitoring apps let you know what someone is doing on their phone. You can track a lot of data such as call logs, text messages, screen recordings, Gps location, WhatsApp messages, etc. What makes it unique is that it is completely reliable and powerful. The person being watched will not know that their smartphone is being tracked. You can also access photos and videos stored in the phone, and all it requires is that the target phone is connected to the Internet.

GPS navigation

The monitoring software uses WIFI, GPS and base station information to locate the mobile phone in real time. Parents can check the location of their children through the online map, and find their children in time through navigation.

Electric fence

Parents can set the track range by creating an electronic fence. When the child’s mobile phone exceeds this area, the monitoring software will immediately notify the parents.

Emergency recording

When your child is in danger, parents can use the environmental recording function to listen to the audio around the child and deal with it in time.

Hide icon

In order to prevent children from accidentally uninstalling the monitoring app, you can also set it to a hidden mode, so that the app icon will not be displayed on the phone desktop, and the children will not know that you are monitoring them remotely.

View screen activity

Parents can take screenshots of their children’s mobile phones at any time to view all activities on their mobile phones.

Browser history

Parents can view the mobile phone’s browser surfing records, access time, browser bookmarks and favorite URLs.

Call records

When a child’s mobile phone makes or receives a call, the monitoring software will automatically record the call, including the number dialed, the duration of the call, and the voice of the call. Parents can view this information on the dashboard.

Conversation message

See all messages sent and received on their phones, who they’re chatting with, what their conversations are about. Even if they delete the messages, you can still see them.

What should I do if the child loves to play with mobile phones?

When some parents see their children playing with mobile phones, they rush to help their children get rid of this bad habit. But the method is always wrong. They often beat and scold, sarcastically or confiscate mobile phones to force children to stop playing with mobile phones. This approach may even aggravate their rebellious psychology. Therefore, if the child likes to play with the mobile phone, parents should not rush to blame the child, try these methods to let the child put down the mobile phone actively.

Parents should set an example

When children are young, their behavior is mainly imitation, so the words and deeds of parents are very important to children. If parents often look at mobile phones, children will think that looking at mobile phones is something everyone should do, and they will also be addicted to playing with mobile phones. Therefore, parents want their children to put down their phones. First of all, they should take the initiative to put down their mobile phones and play some parent-child games with their children, so that the children can gain a sense of accomplishment and accomplishment from the games.

Take children to participate in outdoor activities

Parents don’t be afraid to take the trouble, take their children to participate in outdoor activities, such as cycling, playing football, roller skating or scooters, so that children can develop interest in games, get to know more friends, and meet good friends every day. Children can gradually get rid of the temptation brought by mobile phones by playing games together. When your child grows up, you can take your child on a trip, explore new knowledge and new things during the trip, and make your child’s life interesting, so you don’t need to keep looking at your phone.

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