Protective Gear for Royal Enfield Riders: Importance and Types

Gear for Royal Enfield Riders

Any bike lover would know that despite how much they love taking out their bike for a spin, there are reasons why it is unsafe. Whether it is the weather or the road conditions, it is dangerous for the bikers with the Royal Enfield bikes to go on a ride. However, they can put that fear to rest with the protective gear for Royal Enfield riders.

The gears give the biker adequate protection while driving in unpleasant conditions. These gears have more use in heavy rain or sunlight and on uneven roads. It ensures maximum safety for the bikers. The practical use of the gears allows the biker-whether a novice or a professional, to use them efficiently. The protective gear for Royal Enfield riders makes riding enjoyable.

While there are several Royal Enfield models, the Interceptor 650 is one of the most popular ones. This model has gained a lot of traction among bike lovers. So, being a heavy-duty bike and a huge investment for bike enthusiasts, it makes sense to invest in protective interceptor accessories. Aftermarket equipment like skid plates, tyre huggers, radiator grills can improve its performance and protection level.

Similarly, one may consider enhancing the appearance of the bike with innovative Royal Enfield modification accessories. Aftermarket attachments like windscreen mounts, heel guard, seat cowl etc., can help to modify the look of the bike. Now coming to protective gears for riders, this post will highlight the must-have equipment to ensure a safe riding. 

Protective Gear for Royal Enfield Riders That Every Biker Must Have 

  1. Knee Braces and Guards

Knee braces are another protective gear for Royal Enfield riders to add to your list. The knee braces act like an extra layer of impact protection. It comes with a host of benefits. For instance, it prevents hyperextension. It keeps your knees from twisting.

The braces help to avoid potential injuries and protect the injured areas. It fits easily on the knee cups and takes its shape. It gives the utmost comfort. It helps you ride the bike without worrying about safety. Professional bikers in big leagues also use it. They limit lateral torsion.

  1. Balaclava

Balaclavas are close-fitted headgear for your motorcycle helmet accessories. They cover the head and lower part of the face. It just exposes the eyes, nose and mouth parts of the face. Balaclavas are multi-purpose for various occasions. You can wear them while trekking, skiing, go-karting or snowboarding.

The balaclava as protective gear for Royal Enfield riders acts as weather-protective gear. You can defy the natural elements like dirt, wind, cold, snow or UV. It acts as an insulator underneath the helmet. It heats your neck, face and head in freezing weather. The perfect balaclava has the following:

  • It keeps the biker cool
  • It keeps the biker warm in winter
  • It keeps the wind off the face acting like a wind blocker
  • Keeps the dust and pollutants away from eyes and mouth
  1. Back Protectors

For bikers who do professional biking, the bike goes through many jerking movements. Even people who use the bike for their daily commute encounter uneven roads and cause a lot of unevenness. It can lead to spraining of the tissues in the back and shoulder blades. 

The back protectors protect the back tissues and the ribs and spine from injury if there is an accident. They are effective in recreational riding. However, people who use bikes for daily commutes can also use them while navigating challenging traffic. 

  1. Helmet

Certain factors allow the biker to choose the correct helmet. Such elements take into consideration the needs of the bikers and the design and fit of the helmet. 

The helmet must fit the head. Most new helmets are tight and need a little breaking in from the biker. Wear the new helmet for 30 minutes to break it in for the biker. The helmets should be snug and not too tight on the head. It should slide right off and on from the head.

While choosing the protective gear for Royal Enfield riders, like the helmets, also pay attention to the type of visors. Generally, there are three types of visors: dark, clear and iridium. Choose the visor that meets your biking needs. Dark visor protects from sunlight. The iridium one does not allow others to see what is inside the helmet.

  1. Tyre Hugger

The tyre hugger is another accessory the biker must use as protective gear. But what is the use of a tyre hugger? Firstly, the tyre hugger improves the visual aesthetic of the Royal Enfield bike. It adds to the beauty of the already majestic bike. Secondly, it reduces mud splashes during rides on a rainy days. 

The tyre hugger gives a sporty look to the bike while acting as the protective gear for Royal Enfield riders from the mud splashes and dirt. The tyre hugger ensures that the mud does not ruin the bike body. 

The bike accessories serve the purpose of protection and making the ride easy. They have the assurance that they have the safety and proper protection every time they go out for a ride. Any biker can enjoy their next bike ride with the protective gear for Royal Enfield riders from Carorbis. 

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