Questions to ask yourself before moving out of your old house

Moving out of the place you have called your home for years can be a bit overwhelming. But your new place is waiting for you. You might already have made plans on how you will decorate the new place you are going to live now. If the time of moving out is near, you also need to start packing. You should not rely on the last week of moving to do all the important stuff. You also need to take care of several other things if you are moving out in a few weeks. Since moving out can be a bit emotional too for some people, you need to ask yourself some questions not to forget anything behind. You do not want to keep revisiting the place in order to get your forgotten things back. So, ask yourself the following question to make sure you have done all the things right:

Have you packed the important stuff?

The things you are going to take with you to the new house need to be packed separately, and the things you are going to donate or throw should be kept in different boxes. This will help you to distinguish the things you have to give away easily, so you do not have to carry everything in the new home. You can also start giving out unnecessary things before moving out. This way, you will have an estimate of how much space these things will take in the new place. So, ask yourself have you properly packed the things or not. 

Have you changed the mailing address?

You would need to change the mailing address of all the mails and bills you receive. You would need to do it days before so that the time taken for the process does not stop your mails from coming to your new address, or else you will have to visit the old place to collect all your mails.  

Have you cancelled your subscriptions?

You would need to cancel the subscriptions of newspapers and magazines from your old address, so they do not keep on charging you for the things you don’t receive. Also, ensure to cancel the utility services at your old address. 

Have you informed your neighbors?

Your neighbors would know that you are moving out because of all the hustle-bustle in the house regarding moving out. You would still need to inform your neighbors about your moving out. This way, you will be fulfilling the duty of being a good neighbor, and your words will be a confirmation for them that you will no longer reside in this dwelling. It will help if you give them your new address and phone number (if changed) in case you forget something, at least they would be able to contact you.

Have you hired the moving-out services?

You need to hire services to help you move out of the new house. It will be better to contact and hire the moving company prior to some days of moving out so they can schedule it accordingly. This way you will not have to find a moving company at the last moment. 

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