Reasons To Upgrade Your Existing Fireplace

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If you’re building a new house or planning to upgrade the existing one, don’t forget to pay attention to the fireplace. Many homeowners take the fireplace for granted and never think about replacing it. A fireplace is a vital feature in a home that not only provides comfort but also enhances the aesthetics of your home. Back in the day, the fireplace was a major source of heat. Even today in modern homes, the fireplace continues to play a significant role in improving the comfort and ambiance of the space. The best fireplace becomes the focal point of the room and helps you create a cozy indoor atmosphere. However, continuing to use the fireplace installed decades ago isn’t the best thing to do. Fireplaces, certainly last for several years. But lately, many new models are introduced that now only look better but also provide excellent performance. Your old fireplace may have become less efficient or you might find it hard to clean the mess. The older fireplaces were not designed efficiently and those design flaws make it frustrating to use them.

Why Replace Your Old Fireplace?

If you’re renovating your home or your fireplace has become inefficient, getting rid of the fireplace completely isn’t the right choice. Removing the fireplace means your living room loses its character and the home’s resale value gets lowered. So, instead of removing the fireplace, you should consider upgrading it. Installing a new, advanced fireplace is the best option because it provides several benefits. Let’s check out some convincing reasons to replace your old fireplace and install a new one.

1.      Add Value To Home

The builder-grade fireplaces may look fine but do not perform optimally. If you haven’t replaced the fireplace that comes pre-installed in the house, consider upgrading it. If you ever plan to sell your home in the future, a new, more efficient fireplace can make your house more attractive to buyers. A fireplace is one of the few things that potential buyers pay attention to when they walk into your home. Installing a new fireplace before selling your home is a good idea to refresh your space and increase comfort. This unit isn’t going to cost you much because there’s no need to add or remove bricks or install gas lines. Upgrading your existing fireplace is a cost-effective way of increasing your home’s value.

2.      Reduce Energy Costs and Save Money

Adding a fireplace insert provides energy saving benefit that reduces your heating cost. Fireplace inserts are great for heating specific areas of your home that allow you to lower the furnace. You can heat the specific area where the family spends most time like the living room. Instead of depending entirely on the furnace that heats the entire house, you can focus on heating a specific room. You can replace open fireplaces with a new fireplace insert because open units cause a significant amount of heat loss. A fireplace insert prevents heat loss and provides more comfort. Upgrading to a new fireplace insert or stove is proven effective in reducing your monthly heating expenses.

3.      Enhance Aesthetics

The latest fireplaces are designed to become a decorative centerpiece in your home. You can easily find a variety of fireplaces in a wide range of colors, finishes, shapes, and styles. These stylish units can easily enhance the décor of any room or home. If you’ve renovated your entire house, possibly the traditional fireplace with a classic appearance doesn’t go well with your modern aesthetics. So, if your fireplace looks dated, installing a new unit that blends with your home’s interior is the right option. Whether you prefer a wood, gas, or electric fireplace, you can find a perfect unit that compliments your home.

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