Six Tips to Keep Your Workplace Healthy and Germ-Free

All the working individuals spend a considerable amount of time at their offices, and a lack of hygiene and cleanliness can directly impact their health. There can be more cases of employees falling sick and a high rate of absenteeism. This indeed leads to wasted business funds in the long run.

If you are the owner or manager, you must ensure that nothing like that happens and staffs can enjoy a healthy and productive workplace. Especially knowing that the pandemic time is going to stay for a bit longer, you must encourage strict hygiene among all. Here are some tips to consider –

  1. De-clutter

Any cleaning starts with organizing the stuff and disposing of whatever is not needed. Piling rubbish such as post-it notes and papers can quickly become an eye-sore and a favorite spot for dust, bacteria, and spiders to hide. So, getting rid of unnecessary files must be your first step to keep your entire office clean.

  • Clean Desks

Employees’ desks, computer systems, and keyboards are nothing but a house of invisible germs. So, cleaning them thoroughly is essential. However, only a mild cleaner must be used, or else it can damage the surfaces. Also, all the devices have to be unplugged before cleaning. A vacuum can be used to suck stubbornly stuck debris.

  • Inspect Ventilation Systems

A lot of the bacterial and viral infection arises due to inefficient HVAC systems, and that theory is well proven in the case of COVID-19 virus. Being in close proximity to sick individuals in an enclosed space makes everyone else in the room more susceptible to serious infections. So, you need to check your heaters and air conditioners checked and cleaned by professionals and get the airflow maximized.

  • Disinfect Surfaces

Common areas such as door handles, printers, coffee machines, and conference tables are hot spots for germs. So, it is vital to use anti-bacterial and anti-viral cleaners to kill the source of illnesses. A solution of white vinegar and water in equal parts is also an option to clean dirty areas. Remember, thorough office cleaning efforts are needed to create a healthier environment.

  • Use Clear Desk Dividers

Having your employees return to work can be challenging for you, so you can use desk dividers to eliminate direct contact. Not only will these keep a safe distance among all, but they also help with space optimization and work area personalization. Everyone will get the physical isolation they want without losing touch with their teams or compromising their health and safety.

  • Encourage Hand Washing and Sanitizing

Alcohol-based sanitizers are required to maintain workplace hygiene. Though they can dry out the hands, they are more effective at killing hand germs. There are plenty of good-quality sanitizers that come with moisturizing ingredients. Regular hand-washing is also essential to reduce the risk of E-Coli and Salmonella bacteria infection. So, have sufficient stocks of soap dispensers in the washroom and hand sanitizers everywhere.

 As cleanliness and disinfecting have become mandatory, it is best to hire professional cleaning experts. They do the job in less time and with better results.

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