Social Media Listening

Social Media Listening

Social media listening is the process of observing, mining, and analyzing public social media data to understand what your customers want or need, as well as to monitor competition.

More importantly, it enables companies to gain crucial insights on customer satisfaction and sales trends. It offers an opportunity for brands to tap into the biggest and most ever-growing digital platform, which provides a customer-led view of your business across social channels. It also allows marketers to uncover new opportunities in their respective industries.

Tips On How You Can Start Using Social Media Listening Today

1. Listen to And Understand What Your Customers Are Saying 

To start using it, you first need to identify the social channels that are important for your brand. After doing this, you need to figure out how best to monitor them. Interestingly, it can be as simple as taking notes on the posts your customers like and comment on. Or you could use software to monitor social channels specific to your industry.

These can help you take note of trends in customer preferences or identify customer needs or complaints aired publicly on these channels. These tools, however, do just that – they show you what is going on. However, it’s a good practice to listen to what customers are saying so that you can understand the context of their comments and respond accordingly. Brands that listen quickly discover the issues and opportunities they should address.

2. Listen to Customer Needs and Complaints 

Customer needs can be described as the results you want your customers to achieve, while complaints refer to anything that has gone wrong in the relationship between the two parties. Listening to customer feedback allows you to understand why consumers are dissatisfied with your product or service. After your customers have voiced their concerns, you can decide whether to make any changes needed or know whether there was any making of any mistakes in the first place.

3. Take Action 

To respond effectively, you need to make sure you understand the sentiment of your customers. If they are frustrated or angry with your brand, you need to address it as soon as possible. It can help you save a customer before they take their frustration out in a negative way. For example, by replying to a frustrated tweet with some empathy and authenticity, you can ensure that the conversation moves towards resolution instead of getting worse.

Social Media Monitoring Vs. Social Media Listening

Social media monitoring is the practice of gathering and reviewing public social media data to identify key influencers, emerging trends, or any information that can be valuable to your business. While it may sound similar to social media listening, there are some subtle but important differences between them. For a start, listening goes one step further than just monitoring. It involves actively observing, understanding, and reacting to what your customer is saying about you.

What to Gather from Social Media Listening

It is an excellent way to gain insights on consumer behavior, identify trends, and judge how your target market feels about your brand or product. The insights you glean from it can be valuable to your business and your sales, providing you with the information you need to make effective decisions as a marketer. Here are some things that you need to consider when gathering data from it:

1. Find Out Who Is Talking About You 

You need to do your best to find out who, among your target audience, is most active in voicing their opinions, wishes, and concerns about your brand. With this information in mind, you can better understand it to identify those who may be dissatisfied with the product or service that you provide. It will allow you to focus on the right customers and address them accordingly.

2. Identify Your Key Influencers 

By listening to what your customers are saying, you can determine who they listen to most when making decisions. It can be valuable in understanding which influencers you need to foster relationships with, building trust, and creating lasting alliances. Similarly, this will also help you identify who may be the most critical of your brand. It is important to consider whether or not you should address any frustrations genuinely voiced by these individuals.

3. Understand Their Needs and Complaints

As mentioned earlier, customers need to feel understood by you when they have complaints or express negative sentiments about your brand. Listening to them will allow you to understand their concerns and reasons for complaining. You can address the issue promptly and prevent it from escalating even further by doing this.

4. Identify Trends

It is also an effective way to identify trends. By monitoring popular conversations and getting insights from your market, you can quickly spot patterns in consumer behavior and develop strategies that address these trends. For example, by understanding what your customers are complaining about, you can tailor a product or create a new one that addresses these concerns.

Netbasequid Their Services and Possible Ways They Could Help Reach Business Goals

NetbaseQuid is a social media monitoring tool that utilizes NLP and semantic technology to monitor and analyze the world’s most important social media platforms. It is the first step towards gaining competitive insights to attract, engage and serve your customers in the best way possible. Here are some ways NetbaseQuid can help your business:

1. Netbasequid Can Help You Gain Insights On What Your Customers Want

As it is an excellent way to monitor the public conversation, it is possible to gain valuable information regarding customer wants and needs. It will allow you to understand your target market better and develop strategies that cater to their needs, ultimately creating value for both parties.

2. Netbasequid Can Help You Understand Your Target Market

It is an excellent way to understand how your audience feels about your brand, its products, and services. If a large section of customers are frustrated or dissatisfied, you need to be the first to address them to quickly solve the issue and prevent it from escalating into something bigger.

3. Netbasequid Can Help You Build Trust and Loyalty with Customers

As it is a great way to listen and understand what your customers are saying, it can also be an excellent tool to build trust with them. And trust, in turn, is the very foundation of any positive relationship. NetbaseQuid will allow you to understand negative sentiments regarding your brand so that you can address them swiftly and appropriately.


Social media listening is an invaluable tool in understanding your target market as well as the public perception of your brand. By listening to what customers are saying about you online, you can gain valuable insights into their wants and needs as well as their reasons for frustration or dissatisfaction. It will help you determine whether or not to respond accordingly in a positive manner and thereby prevent the situation from worsening.

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