Stargirl Season 3 Will Not Disappoint Fans Who Await the Release Date


The CW’s “Stargirl” Season 3 was renewed in May 2021. So, fans can rest easy with no worries that the popular series will face cancellation anytime soon. Although the 2022 release date for the third series hasn’t been announced, there’s some buzz that the new episodes will hit the airways by late summer or early fall.

What’s Next for Stargirl?

The DC universe original show, created by Geoff Johns, features Courtney Whitmore, a high school sophomore and superhero. She defeated the Injustice Society of America and soundly whipped Eclipso in her first two seasons. However, fans may wonder what’s next for Stargirl and her Justice Society of America. The Season 3 teaser features the Whitmores at breakfast, surprised by a visit from their new neighbors. Watch the teaser for a sneak peek at what’s in store for the young heroine.

New Nemesis

In the second season, Stargirl battles Eclipso, who sweeps into Blue Valley to create chaos among the Justice Society. At the end of the season, viewers got a glimpse of the creepy Mister Bones, a mysterious figure belonging to the Helix Institute. The shadowy figure will wreak havoc and threaten everything and everyone important to Courtney, aka Stargirl. In a chilling performance, Actor Keith David brings his commanding presence to the role of Mister Bones.

Star Girl, a Positive Role Model

Stargirl is popular with young fans and parents, who value her sense of community and loyalty to her family and friends. She also welcomes outcasts and misfits into her inner circle and champions underdogs. the same is true of Stargirl’s human persona, Courtney Whitmore, who is a sassy teen always ready to help those in need.

Where Did the Idea for Stargirl Come From?

Geoff Johns introduced Stargirl in the Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. comic series way back in 1999. He was inspired by child heroes in The Star Spangled Comics from 1941. Courtney’s first name came from Johns’ sister who died in the TWA plane explosion in 1996. Referring to this unfortunate catalyst, The New York Times calls Stargirl “a hopeful hero born of real-life tragedy.” 

It will be interesting to see how the Season 3 storyline progresses as Courtney Whitmore comes to grips with the truth about her family and Season’s three roster of challenges for the intrepid heroine. Fans won’t want to miss a single minute and can catch it when it finally streams on HBO Max.

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