Teacup Persian Kittens – Setting the Record Straight

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More often than not, categorising cats can be a very perplexing task to do, and even more mystifying to remember. Something as easy as features could be one of the ways to differentiate between them then comes their originality and so on. One such example can be taken of ‘Teacup Persian kittens,’ that only amaze one with their features but also their background. With the word ‘teacup’ being used on and off, this is actually used to identify their ‘golden and silver’ Persian family breed and is nowhere related to their size and what they would actually look like, once they are fully grown. Teacup by the name of it might sound a little confusing but should not be mistaken for their size.

Another important distinction is that of their genes that obviously show in their originality. There are various agencies trying to fool people into buying breeds that do not fall under the category of Persian cats and therefore make money off fake ones. Therefore, what to remember is that these cats only belong to the ‘silver or golden’ hair category and will have features of the same on their bodies to prove that. Another fact is that ‘Himalayan’ teacups do not exist and so if one claims to have found one to sell it off to you, then that may not be the place to invest.

There are certain significant details about these silver and golden Persian cats that are also very interesting to know. Golden Persians are actually lighter in weight than the silver ones. The difference might not be that much, but it is proven to be there. The Himalayan Persians are in fact, said to be really large and heavy. They are also very muscular cats, the female ones weight about 7-9 lbs. and the males, about 8-12 lbs. While there is a separate category for silver and golden Persians, they are never categorized in terms of size. The males in these categories weight about 6-7 lbs. and the females, about 4-6 lbs.

Yet another distinctive features lies within the bone structure of these cats. This bone structure is the reason why they are actually just smaller in size, both silver and golden, and also produce their kittens that are relatively therefore, smaller in size. Their beauty, elegance and joyous attitude not just lights up the surroundings, but also lift one’s moods up. On the contrary, they are highly priced, and these teacup Persians are mostly under the ‘designer’ category. There are some in colours like blue chinchilla golden, golden and while, silver and white and so on, and there are many more colours to choose from. A fun fact is that when they are born, their colour is rather dark but as they grow up and keep aging, their colour lightens as a result of good food and care.

Cats Creation finds these features very distinctive in Persian cats and therefore, have these cats up for adoption for their very clients.

Cats Creation finds these features very distinctive in Persian cats and therefore, have these cats up for adoption for their very clients.

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