The Best Cities to Move to on the West Coast

There’s always been a big debate between the east coast and west coast about which region is better. Both regions have their positives, but there’s no denying that the weather and sights on the west coast are absolutely stunning. Although the west coast has a variety of great locations, some separate themselves from the pack. So if you’re looking to move out west, what locations should you consider first? Here are the best cities to move to on the west coast.


Seattle may be the only city outside California on this list, but it still has a ton to offer potential residents. First, the city has a very mild climate, making it perfect for those who don’t like extreme weather. Seattle is also located close to a variety of outdoor areas and parks, making it a great location for outdoorsy types. It’s not just all fun and beautiful weather in Seattle though, as it also is a great place to advance your career. Seattle is bustling with tech companies, leading to a lot of high-paying jobs and a fast-growing city. 

San Diego

San Diego is an amazing city in southern California that has a lot to offer residents. First, the city enjoys the beautiful sunny weather of the region and has the most amazing beaches to go along with the gorgeous weather. The city also has a slew of other great features as well, such as a strong economy, affordable neighborhoods, and delicious local cuisine. Due to these features, San Diego is a popular retirement destination but is still an attractive option for younger people as well.  If you’re looking to move out to the West Coast, then you may want to start by searching for San Diego apartments for rent.

Los Angeles

It’s hard to talk about west coast destinations without mentioning Los Angeles. L.A is the second biggest city in the country and the biggest city on the west coast. The city is famous for its entertainment and opportunities, causing thousands of people to flock to the city every year. While living in L.A can be glamorous, but there are some things you need to watch out for. Temperatures can get very hot, and the city is notorious for its bad traffic. Additionally, Los Angeles has a high cost of living, meaning it might be hard to make paychecks stretch. However, if you properly prepare and are financially sound, there’s a world of opportunity waiting for you in the City of Angels. 

San Francisco

San Franciso is another great California city to move to, but it has some stark differences from its SoCal counterparts. San Francisco and nearby Silicon Valley are massive tech hubs in the United States, providing plenty of high-paying job opportunities for residents. San Francisco also has a strong sense of community and a great appreciation of the arts. In fact, San Francisco is often considered the national capital of the arts, as artists have been flocking to the city for decades. On top of all this, San Francisco is home to a slew of monuments and enjoys beautiful weather. However, just be wary as the influx of Silicon Valley workers has raised housing prices and the cost of living in the area. 

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