The Fact About Riding Boots That No One Is Suggesting

Many athletes and employeesrequire properfootwear to perform their jobs. It’sequallyessential to put on the proper shoesfor riding and working aroundhorses.Shoes or boots that are well-madeprotect your feet should theyare stepped upon, andhelp prevent your footfrom slidingthroughthestirrups if you falloff your horsewhileriding.High heels, flip-flopsClogs, sandalsshoeslikeCrocsandcanvas running shoesshould not be used inthe barn.Rubber boots, too, don’t offermuch protection however, they docome in handyin times of wet weather or you’re cleaning outstalls.If you’re deciding on any typeofequipment, even footwear, always think ‘safety first’.

What Not to Wear

Specially designed boots for ridingare available in differentstyles.No matter what style you pick you prefer, all riding boots musthave a narrow treadand a heelapproximately1 inch(2.5cm)to1 1/2inches tall. Thiscan preventthe boot from sliding offthe stirrup. Bootswith big or thicktreads, such ashiking boots or snowboots, aren’t suitablefor riding. However,theycould be suitablefor useon the horse.These types of boots are usuallylarge and wide with afoot that is boxy, which meanstheycan get stuckon the sides or thestirrup. They alsohave a lotof grip, which is goodfor hiking, but theymake itmore difficulttoget your foot intoto and out.

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Waterproof Boots

Whether you chooseaEnglish orwestern-style boot is upto you. Westernboots generallyhave aslightlyhigherheelthan English.Certain western-style shoes havecrepe soles that maynotslipfrom the stirrups easily.You can also findankle heightboots.It could be more comfortablefor those who wanttotake a ride inhalf chaps.However, all of them will provide youwithgood stability and protection.

Many of the more inexpensivebooties are constructed fromthelower or uppersor both, constructed ofvinyl.They may not be ascomfortablefor your feet and maycause more damagethan a good pair ofleather boots, whichcan be fixed. Theymay not be as comfortable asleather,however they areeasier to clean up iftheydo get soiled.

Packershave become very popularand in addition to looking fashionable,they’regreat for dailyriding andwalking.They’re sturdy and offersupport for riding while notbeing as bulky and heavy asEnglish boots.

English Boot Styles

English bootscome in severaldistinct styles too. Traditional dress boots; thosebig black boots weare seeing in theoldBritish hunting scenesarecommon in the dressage ringas well as in eventing andfit well in virtually anyEnglish discipline.Somebackyard riders and trail ridersare of the opinion that apair of tall boots isgood protection and support foreveryday use.Others find them to bewarm and heavy. Field bootslook similar todress boots but havethe lace-up on the inside of your instep.These are usually wornas part of the show rings for huntersandare more comfortable when youhave aan elevated instep. Thelacing makes iteasier toslipinand out.

The taller and shorter typesmay or may not includean open back zipperso they’re easiertoslipinas well as out. If youlocate a fantasticpair ofbrand new or usedboots, but they arechallenging to take on,it’spossible toput zippers inor replacedin the event that they becomeworn.

Paddock boots, also known as Jodphur,are Englishformsof riding bootsthatare worn up tothe ankle. They arecommonlyworn by kidsin the show ring,wearing jodhpurs with leather gaiters, straps that gothrough the calf area justbelow theknee to stopthe jodhpursfrom clumpingupthe leg.A lot of adults wear these, with or without half-chapsto ride in everyday situations.A great pair of boots will besuitable for use aroundthe barn, althoughit is not recommended tomake use of leather boots forriding stalls or mucking. Jodhpur bootsare availableinpull-on, zipper,or lacedstyles.Somepreferthe zipper style becausethey’re easierfor them to get on andremove but feet with higherarchescan feel cramped inthepull-on or zipper designs.

Running Shoe Styles

The running shoe-styleboots areavailable for peoplewhoprefer a casual stylewhich is comfortable as well assturdy, and doesn’t needthe same care as leather shoes do.They were as comfyas running boots, and also havethe added support oftheankles and sole.They are in factthe ideal choice if you’reinvolved in sports like ride’n’ tie thatinvolvessomerunning.Many trail runners that travel for long distanceswear these.


The boots are availablewith a range of materials rangingincluding synthetics and cotton canvasto leather.Of course, leather bootsare generallypricey and needmore attention. Thehigher the quality ofleatherand the more durable thedesign is, the more comfortable andthe moreexpensiveboots will cost. Tryon a pair of$500 boots, in comparison tothe $100 boots,and you’llsoon feelthedifference in comfort and support.A pair of qualityfootwear is aninvestmentandwith the right care it can last longer than the lower-endversion by a lot ofyears.There is no doubt about the feelingofquality boots, soshould you decide to purchase a new pair of boots that are outthe reach of your budget, try combconsignmentshops or post ads on the internetfor used boots you canmanage to afford.

Both Englishand western-style boots are availableconstructed of synthetic substances. Themain issue with theseriding boots made of rubberis that theyare prone to heat as they hold moisture, andcan be a challengetotake off, beinglike a suction cups toyour legs. They’regreat when theweather is a bit wetorif you’retaking part in a couple of smallshows and don’t want topart with the cost ofleather boots.

Many riders ownseveral pairs ofboots,based upon the manner in whichtheygo. Ifyou’re planning on showing, you will probablyrequireseparate boots forhomeand in competition. Of course,everydiscipline requires a separatepair ofboots. So,if you plan to showEnglishWestern and English,you’lldefinitely needboth kindsof boots.Winter riding means you mayrequirewell-insulated riding boots for your feet to stay warm.You may also findtall boots or polo shoeswith a black or browncuff at the top.These are good asthey’re secureand comfortable.

Already-Owned Boots

There’s a possibility that you have something inyourcloset that would workjust fine,without theexpense of buyingboots made specificallyfor riding.So long asyou can ensure that the heel as well as treadfit and the size isn’t too hugeto be used as a stirrup, andthey’re comfortable and supportyourfeet, they’llbefine.Dress boots with a zipperthrough the innercalf will not be appropriate.Always consider your horse’soutfit with a focus onsecurity, which ismore important thanhow youappear.

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