The Hard Truth About Ammonia-Free Hair Colouring

Ammonia Free Hair Colour

Today’s youth cannot survive without colouring their hair. Most people only do it to look different, but some do it to advance their careers. It has also become challenging to avoid because hair colouring is the only option to replace the lustre and texture lost due to prolonged exposure to the weather. However, not all hair colours are secure. In particular, chemical-based hair dyes cause substantial, long-lasting damage to hair, including permanent bleaching and hair loss. To protect your hair from the harm that chemical dyes and bleaches can do, you must choose an ammonia-free, organically natural hair colour that is also bleach-free (no hydrogen peroxide). And if your research is accurate, your hair would look just as gorgeous as always after getting a damage-free hair colour. As a result, damage-free hair colour would make your hair look as gorgeous as ever.

What are the topmost 4 benefits of a no ammonia hair colour?

1.      The natural advantage: Ammonia, which is included in natural hair colours, is the most harmful component of chemically based hair dyes. The natural oils in the scalp are destroyed by ammonia. Ammonia can damage the respiratory system if it is inhaled. In order to avoid both bleach and hydrogen peroxide, which permanently bleaches hair, it is better to use damage-free hair dye.

2.      Goodbye frizzy hair: Lack of moisture causes frizzy hair to eventually become harsh and breakable. Additionally, it results in hair thinning and loss. Increased humidity, which is a major issue in the summer, harms the hair’s outer layer. Frizzy hair leads to split ends, which also gives the appearance of dullness. Natural ingredients are typically used to make ammonia-free hair colours so they won’t dry out your scalp or make your hair frizzy and unruly.

3.      Scalp nourishing treatment: Plant-based components are frequently used to make damage-free hair dyes. Therefore, employing them only provides your hair and scalp with nourishment that is safer. Organic herbs increase scalp blood flow and lessen hair loss. The naturally occurring regrowth of hair is assisted by the antioxidant characteristics of organically natural hair dye. Additionally, even after the hair colour fades, this natural treatment provides your hair extra smoothness and lustre.

4.      Easy to use: Natural hair colours are the simplest to work with because they only require water. And what could be better than a herb-based hair colour that has been pre-mixed with all the natural colouring agents for your convenience? To achieve the ideal brown, henna and indigo don’t need to be combined separately. Isn’t that practical? especially for people who combined different herbal products to create one bundle. Thus, using a pre-packaged ammonia-free hair colour is simple and time-saving.

There are now two types of damage-free hair colours on the market: powdered and gel-based. The gel-based hair colours are quicker to apply, don’t drip, and create less mess. Both the hair roots and the hair ends are worked on by them.

How to use an ammonia-free hair colour?

1.Dry your hair with a towel after a pre-wash.

2. Combine the packaged goods as directed in the instruction book.

3. Section off your hair and use a brush to apply the mixture from root to tip.

4. Give the colour 30 to 35 minutes to rest. Afterward, rinse under running water.

5. Finally, use a shampoo with herbal colour protection.

6. After the colour has been removed, you can also use a conditioner or hair mask.

We hope that after conducting enough research to make an informed selection, you will select your damage-free hair colour.

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