The Ultimate Guide To Buy An Engagement Ring For Your Special One


Are you thinking to propose your special someone for lifelong commitment and not sure what hoop of diamond to buy? Then this article is for you.

Purchasing an engagement ring for your better half may be the most important purchase of your life. You must choose something you would love to see them wearing, and they love it to wear for the rest of their life. Choosing the best engagement ring is not as easy as it seems. There are many things to consider before making an expenditure. We have tried to cover almost all of them for


Allocate Your Budget

Although you want the best for your fiancé, the price must be deliberated, especially when you have a forthcoming wedding to plan and save some amount for the future. Diamonds are a considerable investment. So, fix your budget in advance to manage other expenses.

Choosing The Appropriate Diamond

You are not a jeweller who knows much about diamonds or jewellery. To choose the right jewel for your gem of life, look for the 4Cs everyone talks about. These components are vital when determining the quality of a diamond, and each of them affects the stone’s look, shape and nature. These 4Cs are-


Diamonds with the least colour are better. The clearer the diamond, the higher is its value.


The cut of the diamond is its most significant feature. It determines how well it reflects the light and how well it sparkles.


Clarity refers to the diamond’s imperfections and how clear it is. The fewer smudges that a diamond has, the higher is its quality.


The Carat of the diamond is the stone’s weight, which is its size. Larger diamonds are pretty rare than smaller ones and more expensive.

Choose The Right Size

The ring you choose should perfectly fit around your love’s ring finger. So, picking the proper size is essential. You can find wedding rings available in all sizes from any good jewellery store.


There are infinite shapes of diamonds available globally. You have several options to choose from like round, emerald, cushion, pear, heart etc. Choose the one that you prefer and would complement your beloved’s hand. 


The diamond you purchase and put your valuable money on must be original and authorized. GIA and AGS determine the authenticity verification of diamonds. They provide a strict and accurate 

diamond grading that is demonstrated through certificates. Your diamond ring must come with a certificate to validate its authenticity. This certificate lists all the key attributes and qualities of the diamond issued by a legal authority. GIA and AGS are also the parameters for calculating the cut quality of the stone. 

So, always check the source and its license legalized by the government. Selecting the suitable diamond jewellery store for the ring is as important as choosing the perfect ring. 


If you have visited every jewellery store and still haven’t found “the perfect ring” as you want to have dreamed of being worn by your love of life, then you can always go for a bit of customization. Many jewellery stores take orders and create the jewel of your choice with the proper size and material. 

We hope you find the ideal wedding ring and have an excellent proposal. 

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