Things to Consider Before Buying a Scissor Lift Table

A scissor lift table is a type of work platform that is mounted on a telescopic tube to provide an elevated working surface. The working surface can be made up of various materials, including wood, metal, or PVC plastic. Because of their ability to be easily packed away for storage, scissor lift tables are ideally suited for many commercial applications, including warehouses and manufacturing facilities. They are also ideal for use in a variety of private work settings, including garages, workshops and home offices. Buying a scissor lift table after keeping all the below factors in mind.

Before Buying a Scissor Lift Table, Consider the Following:

  1. Type of Material

Before purchasing a scissor lift table, determine whether you will be working with wood or with metal or PVC plastic. Scissor lift tables that are made of wood are typically low in cost, but many users complain that they are not as stable as their metal counterparts. On the other hand, scissor lift tables that are made of wood and have been coated with polyurethane or wax provide better stability and shine than those made of natural wood. Scissor lift tables that are made of metal and PVC plastic provide the greatest stability and durability, but they tend to be more expensive than their wooden counterparts

  • Size of the Scissor Lift Table

Before buying a scissor lift table, consider the size of the table that you need. The size is measured by determining the dimensions of the table top, including its length and width. Many tables are sized according to how many legs are attached to them. For example, a four-legged table is about three feet in length and two feet in width, while a six-legged table is about five feet in length and two and a half feet wide. However, many users purchase scissor lifts with legs that can be removed; therefore, they can adjust the height at which they are working

  • Work Surface Material.

Before buying a scissor lift table, consider the type of surface that you are going to use. Many table tops are made of plastic, which makes them ideal for light-duty work. Plastic tables can be wiped down clean with a damp cloth and left to dry before being used again.

Scissor lift tables with wood tops are not as durable and are best suited for heavy duty tasks. Wood tables should be protected by wrapping them in plastic after they have been used to prevent splinters from becoming embedded in their surface. As with plastic tables, wood tables should be wiped down and left to dry before being used again for cleaning

  • Accessories

Source a scissor lift table that comes with the accessories that you will need to attach the table to your work surface. Some tables are shipped with these items attached; however, these accessories must be purchased separately if they are not included in the purchase price of the scissor lift table

  • Weight Capacity

Some scissor lift tables are made of metal, and therefore have a weight capacity that is not being utilized. On the other hand, some plastic tables have a very light weight so that they can be used by younger users. Scissor lift tables with very light weight are not recommended for use by older users

Make sure that you keep all the conditions in mind and then chose a perfect Scissor lift from us.

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