Things you should know about Incorporating a company in USA

Things you should know about Incorporating a company in USA

Getting an ITIN (Individual Taxpayer Identification Number)

If you do not qualify for a Social Security Number, you must apply for ITIN to file your tax returns.

The ITIN can be obtained in one of three ways.

Option 1: Go to a Taxpayer Assistance Center or an Authorized Certified Acceptance Agent near you. Please bring the Form W-7, visa documentation (passport, I-20/DS2019, I-94), and a letter of no employment with you to this appointment. Please complete this form to request a letter of no employment from Bechtel International Center: Letter of No Employment. An IRS Authorized Agent can help you complete and file your application with the IRS.

Option 2: You can file your federal tax return and W-7 ITIN application at the same time. While this appears to be a practical choice, we advise against it. This option requires you to provide your original passport or a certified copy of your passport from the consulate of your home country, which might be difficult to get. Please do not mail your original passport to the IRS. USAIndiaCFO provides instructions on how to file in this manner.

Option 3: You may receive an ITIN from outside the United States, and you can learn more about the procedure at the IRS ITIN Abroad website. For J1 scholars and their dependents, we are unable to provide letters of no employment.

What should I do if I become eligible for an SSN after receiving an ITIN?

If you show proof of eligibility, the local Social Security Administration Office will review your request for an SSN. Even if your ITIN has not yet been revoked, the SSA will process your SSN application; nonetheless, IRS laws state that an individual cannot have both an ITIN and an SSN. Contact the IRS (ITIN unit) after receiving your SSN and advise them of your new SSN to request that your ITIN be revoked.

Why Should You Form a Corporation in Delaware?

One of the most compelling reasons to form a company in Delaware is that it provides preferential tax treatment to corporations based in other jurisdictions. Many of the country’s top corporations have their headquarters in this little state. Delaware is home to 68 percent of the top 50 U.S. firms and 58 percent of Fortune 500┬« companies. Delaware is the legal home to almost one million corporate organizations.

Other advantages of forming a business in Delaware include:

  • The most sophisticated and flexible corporate entity legislation in the country
  • Small enterprises pay a low franchise tax.
  • A corporation’s members, shareholders, officers, managers, or directors are not needed to live in Delaware.
  • Non-residents of Delaware do not have to pay personal income tax.
  • There is no sales tax in Delaware.
  • The Delaware Court of Chancery primarily hears commercial matters and employs judges rather than juries, which is advantageous to huge organizations with thousands of stockholders.

Using USAIndiaCFO services is one approach to incorporate company in Delaware quickly and easily. has assisted hundreds of businesses informing in Delaware, and our long-standing partnership with the Delaware Secretary of State allows us to give the finest service available.

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