Tips to Maintain Commercial Kitchen Equipment

It’s no secret that the kitchen in a restaurant serves more people than, say, the kitchen in your home. The better you take care of your restaurants’ equipment, the longer it will last. This does not mean that you have to become intrusive and neglect other aspects of the business, but it does mean that you have to be consistent in all the maintenance measures you take.

Timely maintenance is the main activity that is important to carry out to keep professional equipment in good working order throughout its entire service life. These measures will help to eliminate equipment breakdowns, emergency downtime, and the cost of repair and restoration work.

Kitchen equipment cleaning in Georgia includes several procedures that ensure the operation of the units over a long period. Service can be carried out both by employees of the institution and by specialized services and enterprises. Specially trained personnel implements preventive measures, overhaul, and current repairs of equipment. Here are various ways to extend the life of your equipment.

  1. To Increase Longevity: Make it a habit to keep shop equipment clean

One of the simplest things you can do to keep your equipment in good condition is to clean it. Not only is this necessary for regulatory compliance when it comes to health and safety, but it also minimizes the amount of damage-causing materials that can get stuck where they shouldn’t and cause grease and dirt to build up over time.

  1. For Longer Life: Check equipment for faults or damage before and after use

Before getting to work each day, it’s important to start with an inspection to ensure everything is in working order for the busy shift ahead. If you find anything unusual, even the smallest, be sure to fix it before starting your daily work. Do another checkup at the end of the day to avoid unpleasant surprises the next morning.

  1. Get the Right Cleaning Products and Tools

Depending on what materials your equipment is made from, some tools will work better than others. Do your research and buy cleaning products that won’t wear out or scratch your equipment.

  1. For Extending Life Expectancy: Ensure Your Emergency Measures Are in Good Condition

One potential source of danger that can sometimes be overlooked is kitchen emergency measures. Any grease that accumulates in the ventilation areas of the kitchen and cooking equipment can become a serious fire hazard. It’s time to double-check your vents and pockets and check your smoke detectors and extinguishing media to make sure you can prevent and extinguish any accidental flames if they ignite.

  1. For Longer Life: Maintain Your Equipment Regularly

From time to time, your equipment should be inspected and serviced by a professional. Any problems you might have missed or hidden problems can be detected and fixed before you find yourself without the vital hardware you need to keep your kitchen running smoothly.

  1. Clean Your Grease Filters

The easiest method to decrease grease fire in your kitchen is to clean your grease filters regularly. Most restaurant kitchens do grease filter cleanings once a week. However, eateries that cook many greasy foods may need to do this service more often or even on a nightly basis.

The grease filters collect grease and decrease the amount of grease that travels into the actual duct. Cleaning your grease filters serves to cut down the amount of debris you wash off your restaurant kitchen equipment too.

Schedule Professional Planned Maintenance

Contact a certified commercial kitchen cleaning company to conduct regular planned maintenance on your cooking or refrigeration equipment. This helps with safety measures and ensures that your kitchen equipment runs at peak performance, minimizing unexpected interruptions for your business.

Honestly, it’s all about paying attention to even the smallest details. This is what will ultimately save you money on unnecessary repairs and replacements. Simply put: if you take care of your restaurant equipment, it will take care of you.

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