Tips to pair up your engagement ring with your wedding band

bespoke engagement ring

A wedding just around the corner but not sure what to do with your engagement ring? You don’t have to take it out. Here are a few amazing and unique tips that will help you pair up both your rings together in the most stylish ways possible. So let’s get right to it.

  • Mix n match metals

Have you thought of mixing metals? If not, then you should. You probably have heard of stacked bangles or bracelets. A stacked set has random pieces of bracelets that are simply worn together to create a collection. You could do the same with your rings too. If your bespoke engagement ring is platinum or silver, you could buy a golden wedding ring or vice versa. The contrast will bring out the best of both rings as they will look deliberately stacked on top of one another. And who knows you could be the next ring trendsetter too! 

  • Eternity diamond ring

Finally, you could consider buying an infinity ring as your wedding ring. Instead of a plain band, you could have the band studded with tiny diamonds, just like a diamond tennis bracelet Hatton garden. This will provide a halo-type backdrop for your engagement solitaire and make the bigger diamond stand out more. We know we said that you should avoid extra jazz, but with specifically chosen tiny diamonds, instead of adding up the jazz, you’ll just be adding to the elegance. This will resemble a real halo ring or a hidden halo ring, except that here you will have two separate rings to flaunt. 

  • Avoid extra jazz

The key to pairing your engagement and wedding rings together is to keep it simple. Remember, if you make it too flashy, it will only end up looking gaudy and distasteful. Usually, engagement rings are classic solitaires. You could opt for a simple wedding band. That way no one ring will overpower the other. The solitaire will shine with all its might and since plain wedding bands are the traditional norm, together they will look classy and elegant. On the other hand, if both rings are jazzy with large stones, then they will simply fight for attention and your hand will look unnecessarily overdressed.

  • Fuse the rings together

How about fusing the rings together? Have you thought of blending in your engagement ring with your wedding ring? Or maybe using your engagement ring to make a new wedding ring? It might seem like a weird suggestion, but hear us out. You could use the diamond of your engagement ring to make a new wedding ring. Or you could fuse your engagement ring with a plain wedding band to make one fat band, with the solitaire as a bonus. Now, this is bound to look different than most designs you have usually seen, but sentimentally it will have a whole lot of value and you could be the proud owner of a very quirky and interesting design of wedding rings.

In conclusion, 

Just like engagement ceremony tips, these tips and designs are sure to make you stand out. We understand that both these rings are equally important to you and so we have tried to come up with the best tips possible to make sure that you get to wear them both simultaneously.

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