Top 4 Photo Frame Design Trends of 2021

photo frame design

Interior design gives us the freedom to express our personal taste in decor, whatever the way we like. If done correctly, interior design can help increase the home’s value.

These top photo frame design trends will help you keep up with the times and make your home stand out in the neighborhood.

  1. Minimalistic Designs are Out of Trends Now

The minimalist aesthetic has made large and open spaces a big trend in the past decade. A minimalist environment makes a home appear larger and more connected to the outside world. You will see a return to divided rooms in 2021 as the minimalist design exits.

Open rooms and minimalist decor can cause problems with sound and smells traveling. That’s why an intimate design plan will quickly be back in fashion.

This transition will be aided by framing. People will use frames to make a distinction between their rooms. A living room might use a particular style or size frame. It is a style that you won’t find in other rooms of the house.

  1. Floating Frames Are Becoming More Popular

Frames that float/floater photos/art between clear acrylic sheets or glass to create floating illusions are called float/floater frames.

This stunning way to display subjects makes a powerful visual impact and allows you to showcase a variety of materials.

Floating frames will be very popular in 2021 because of their creative and clean way to display subjects across many home focal points.

  1. The popularity of a Louder Decor Style

Many people are moving away from minimalism and accepting chaos. It is called wabi-sabi in Japanese. It means accepting imperfections and living harmoniously with them.

In 2021, the decor will be more focused on creating comfortable spaces and using louder decor designs. This is now known as maximalism.

Homeowners are filling their homes with various subjects, which don’t necessarily match any particular design style. It’s a unique feeling that’s full of character. Maximalism will encourage the home to be brighter and have different sizes and materials in the same place. It will create a vibrant and chaotic atmosphere.

  1. Shadow Box Frames are becoming the Focal Point

Shadow boxes are enclosed frames with a glass front. They can be used to store art, photos, and other items. These can be placed anywhere in the room. Even if you want them to be near a night lamp, they will look appealing and blend with the décor.

They are more spacious than traditional picture frames and create a feeling of depth. In 2021 they will still be popular for displaying precious mementos.

These boxes are full of character and make any space ‘pop.’

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