Types and benefits of Reward Points

Making purchases online has become a part of our everyday routine. The exponential growth in the online market has opened wide doors for sellers, thus enforcing a competitive market. To sustain itself and attract more users, each platform comes with proposals, deals, and discounts from time to time.

Another part of retaining customers also includes providing them an incentive in the form of reward points. These are the points earned through a promotional offer or purchasing from different categories such as clothing, dining, travel, etc. As for most users, all rewards may fall in the same type; however, each bonus can be divided into different groups, serving differently. Therefore, throwing light into this framework, this blog has covered everything you need to know about reward points, benefits, and ways users can redeem them.


Giving cashbacks to customers after every successful purchase is a form of specific and fixed value point distribution. Few popular payments apps such as Fave allow users to scroll and choose through their ‘deals for days’ section, thus enhancing their shopping experience. Cashback will enable customers to get their hands on premium products at the best prices and allow them to save some extra penny after every transaction. Some common types of cashbacks on Fave include: 

  1. Fave cashback: Fave cashback can be availed by users on account of refunds and transactions made on the Fave app. These cashbacks are valid for three months from the date of their issuance. Also, Fave cashbacks can be earned through different promo codes in various campaigns and are subject to the terms and requirements of the drive.
  2. E-Cashback: Users can also benefit from e-cashbacks through Fave deals or e-card purchases. These can also be obtained through promo code campaigns by applying e-cashback promo codes. However, the validity shrinks to 30 days unless stated otherwise.
  3. Partner Cashback: Fave app also facilitates the goodness of a percentage return on your total bill as partner cashbacks. This cashback is added to your partner’s cashback holding a validity of 2-3 months. 


  1. If a customer is shopping online and making payments through a cashback app, they can end up earning a nice sum back, thus increasing their purchasing power.
  2. Customers are also provided the benefit of earning by referring others; this can help businesses gain more customers.
  3. Initiating unique gifts for special customers on occasions such as Birthdays and more through Reward programs help customers to build a solid emotional connection with the brand. This makes customers come back to them and make more purchases. 

Triple Rewards

Some applications allow users to earn more rewards from their existing bonuses by stacking their tips and availing themselves of exclusive cashbacks and discounts. Such rewards can encourage loyal customers to buy more and spend less at any other store, ensuring customer retention and revenue. 


  1. More benefits on every transaction made.
  2. It can be stacked and used later to create an elite purchase.
  3. Easy redemption options.


The couponing option provides users with personalized offers and membership programs. Shoppers can earn high-value rewards and bonus points on availing of different offers of deals of the day. These vouchers chrome with a validity of 2-3 months or 30 days depending on their type. It is easily redeemable, great for saving up to 90% on your purchases, and so much more.


  1. Huge on Savings.
  2. Safe and secure with an assured guarantee.

Final word

Despite their size, enterprises can benefit from reward points as it keeps customers engaged, makes them feel important, and ensures a strong relationship. With technology grade up, where most actions are carried out online, especially after the pandemic, targeting audiences online has been a means to generate revenue. Setting up a variety of loyalty programs for customers allows them to choose according to their needs. 

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