UK visitor visa for family and friends- All you need to know

UK visitor visa

The joy of visiting family and friends is irreplaceable. The United Kingdom is an abode of European culture and rich tradition. The home of Shakespeare and the world’s greatest economy. The UK has always invited people with open arms to experience world-class infrastructure and lifestyle.

If you are already settled in the UK and your family and relatives are willing to come to visit you, you can help them seek a standard visitor visa UK to come and meet you in the UK.

COVID related challenges in application process

There may be certain challenges you can face during these Covid times with your application.

Also, even if the UK visitor visa requirements are met there could be a significant delay in visa processing.

There are pre-travel protocols to be followed. The travellers must ensure that they have a covid negative PCR report to furnish. You may encounter visa centre closure in many countries. It is advised to use a UK immigration ID checking app for all visa related documentation and biometrics scanning.

 The UK government will keep on entertaining applications for visit visas from red, amber and green nations as per their traffic light system. Giving applications from red rundown nations will be stopped until movement limitations are lifted.

In the event that you need to go directly to the UK for urgent reasons, you’ll in any case need to apply for a visa in a typical manner, including submitting biometrics at your selected Center for Visa Application (VAC).

You ought to unmistakably clarify the convincing or merciful explanations behind your visit in your application structure and alarm the VAC staff during biometric accommodation. You’ll be reached by the UK Home Office once your application has been received.

Documentation and other fee

You must provide all the supporting documents while making the application. The UK visitor visa requirements are clearly mentioned in the guidance which you can avail on the government website. You can also take support of immigrations solicitors to guide you through the application process. A Y & J Solicitors are immigration specialists in the UK.

Any document if it is previously not in English or Welsh, then it must be translated and evidenced. It should also include details of the authorized translator, date and signature of the person and confirmation of the accurate translation in English.

Your family or friends must also be able to furnish that once their 6 months of visa period is over they would be obliged to return to their home country.

All your family relations must prove to have enough finances to sustain themselves in the UK. They won’t be able to use public funds.

Every traveler must prove their finances in the form of bank statements or salary slips.

They must also prove that they are eligible to travel and hold a valid passport with blank pages.

You must ensure that they prove the relationship with you and only based upon the genuineness of the relationship visa will be granted.

The application fee is £95 for a visit visa.

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