Victorian Era Decor – Tips

The Victorian era was one of great invention, so much so that you can practically feel the electricity in the air. Cities were lighting up their homes with gaslights and calling it gaslight. Electricity was still relatively new, but Henry Ford had invented one of the first cars and Thomas Edison had started work on his amazing electric generator. When the world was changing so quickly and new inventions dominated headlines, it’s no surprise that art and design were equally innovative. In the Victorian era, decorative interior design was just as important as furniture and architecture. The idea of “parlor” was becoming a thing of the past; instead, people had entire rooms dedicated to ornate wallpaper or high-ceilinged rooms with big mirrors. You can see the influence of this opulence in the many paintings, drawings, and caricatures created during this time period.

Many artists were producing their own work, and many were producing work for wealthy clients. There were even traveling art shows that would bring works of art to the masses to sell and influence tastes across the country. Some of these works, such as the illustrations in this article, were commissioned by large corporations who needed posters or advertisements that could influence customers across the country. These companies would obtain a variety of different artists, each specializing in creating a certain type of image, and then commission them to create artwork that would appeal to their target audience.

Victorian Home Décor Ideas

Adorno, Elizabeth and Jameson, Robert, Beautiful Decorating: Gold doorknobs, rosewood tables and velvet-covered sofas are all material reminders of the elegance of the Victorian era. To set a tone for Victorian décor ideas, you will want to think about what kind of money your family has to work with. Many of these décor options can be quite expensive, so you will need to decide how much your family can spend in order to create this type of home decor.

Although the Victorian period was considered to be a time of great wealth, it was also a time of great financial hardship. During this time, many families were forced to spend their money on food and clothing in preference to material items. Although you may not have had to live through this period of financial hardship, it is always important for you to understand your family’s resources. A large crystal chandelier can be quite expensive and will not work as a décor choice for every room in your home.

For that reason, many people choose to have smaller versions of these decorations if they are going to splurge on one item. For example, a small chandelier can be purchased and hung over your kitchen island. This will allow you to have some décor that is different than typical kitchen decor items.

Lighting is often the best option for people looking to create Victorian home décor ideas. Many of these homes have multiple crystal chandeliers that are hung throughout the house. This kind of lighting is an excellent way to add flair to your home while still respecting the time period that these decorations represent. You can get an idea of what this kind of lighting would look like by viewing pictures from this time period. For example, many old photographs will showcase all kinds of formal rooms with luxurious carpeting, rugs, furnishings and large chandeliers.

For those of you looking for some ideas on how to decorate your Victorian home, then there are variety of décor choices. From the outside, these homes are often criticized for their excessive ornamentation, but these homes are perfect for someone looking to make a bold statement. These decorations harken back to times when the wealthy were able to create a luxurious living space with quality materials.

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