What are PPC and SEO?


There is a slight difference between PPC and SEO. In SEO you get organic free traffic. And PPC or pay per click you pay google to come visitors to your site. Or you can say search engine optimization or SEO is a process where you work on your website according to google’s recommendation. So that you can get a top rank on the Google search engine result page. But remember here you have to a lot of stuff to get a top rank. But with the help of PPC ads you just have to pay Google and with some process you can get the top rank. However, there are several things you have to do for both cases in SEO and PPC.  And the process we will cover in this article. 

How to do SEO for a website

Now first let’s talk about search engine optimization. As I mentioned before that search engine optimization is a process where you design your website and content in such a way that looks good to Google and users. You write content on your website as well as with the help of some media such as images, videos, infographics, etc. You make your website more dynamic. And whatever effects you use in your website all should be under the guidance of Google’s policies. You have to find out the keywords that help you in the process of SEO.  you target some keywords and on the behalf of those keywords, you get the final position in the search engine.

Make your website SEO friendly

SEO is a free process provided by Google. Where you can rank your website by providing quality content. You can understand the simple rule of SEO. if you are providing the best services then Google will promote you automatically.  Because itself wants to provide the best services for its customers. That is why Google recommends making the website according to it.

For listing properly in Google you have to give the title and description for every single page. However, you can use your targeted keywords in your title and description. The best thing a title and description can do is they can increase your click-through rate. The simple meaning of click-through rate is to increase the click on your title. And that will send a sign to Google the importance of your website.  

Importance of PPC

SEO is free that is why it looks a little bit attractive to many businesses. But the main problem is you have to do hard work to get your website on top rank. And sometimes in the process of SEO, you waste a lot of money on content and backlinks. But if you have some amount to invest then the best option is to run pay-per-click ads for your website. With some pay per click, you can generate enough amount leads for your business that you can convert into your customers. 

PPC module is like pay on every click. When someone clicks on your ads on a search engine you would get paid for that. But you get the chance to convert them into a buyer. 

Let’s take an example, suppose you are selling a product that has cost 10,000 rupees. And you want customers for selling your product. For that, you want to run pay-per-click ads on Google. And in case you have to pay 100 rupees for every click. Then at the cost of 100 rupees, you have a chance to make 10,000 rupees.  Isn’t it a good deal? Of course, but if you choose another way such as SEO then you have no idea many efforts you have to put on. 


Both methods have the power to make you successful. SEO is a lengthy process but at the same time, it will live longer as well. But with the PPC if you stop paying money to Google you will be lost in the search engine. So better use both. And in case you need help regarding the SEO or PPC then you can hire our digital marketing agency in Delhi.

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