What Are The Benefits Of Wearing Body Armour?

Security and defence personnel are often engaged in extremely risky services, which are not always foreseeable. If they are equipped with adequate means to defend and protect themselves, they can do their job more efficiently. Ammunition is not the only means of defence in this case. No matter how cool it may look like in movies to wear plain clothes and face machine guns, in real life, it will probably cause you to risk your life. Body armour is therefore, a necessity for certain professionals, because it acts as their final line of defence.

What is body armour made of?

Body armour is either made of para-aramids or Ultra-High-Molecular-Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE). Para-aramids are plastics woven into fibers with a very high strength-to-weight ratio. These fibers can absorb a lot of energy and work by dispersing this energy of a bullet across these fibers, slowing the bullet down as well as trapping it within. UHMWPE is a gel-spun, multi-filament fiber made from plastic.

What are the benefits of wearing body armour?

Body armour has a number of benefits, and is extremely useful in non-tactical situations as well. When we say body armour, we do not necessarily mean heavy bulletproof vests and suits that are used for tactical purposes. Complete military gear is not suited for other situations, except the military itself and SWAT units. Even normal people can buy body armour to protect themselves from any unforeseen situations. A number of products are available for everyone, which can provide simple, accessible and very comfortable protection against most basic threats.

In this case, it is important to measure the kind of threat involved to life, checking whether the chosen body armour is made of the correct material,

Some of the benefits of wearing body armour are listed below.

  1. It offers protection.

The most basic and purposeful benefit of wearing body armour is that it acts as a very important line of defence against risky operations. There are different kinds of body armour suited for different situations which can basically be the only thing that separates life and death. Therefore, it is an extremely important component when personal safety is concerned.

  • It is readily available.

Common types of armour like bullet proof vests are quite easily available to buy, even for civilians. Of course, tactical body armour cannot be bought at random, nor are they suited for non-tactical purposes. As technology is progressing, armour is increasingly becoming thinner and lighter, therefore, even high grade protection can be worn comfortably for longer periods by civilians.

  • It can be covert.

Mostly all kinds of armour are available in both covert and overt styles- they can either be discreet, thus making it easier for the wearer to remain safe; or openly on display. Covert armour is particularly useful, as it can be worn underneath clothing. Covert vests are also made using different materials, so that the wearer is comfortable.

Covert body armour is extremely useful when it comes to situations where VIPs are considered, as their safety is a top priority but diplomacy must also be maintained.

  • Body armour is increasingly becoming lighter and more comfortable.

Very heavy body armour can seriously hinder movement and in fact, expose the wearer to more risks. Swiftness of movement is an extremely important factor in all risky operations, and if body armour begins to weigh someone down and affect their efficiency, then the whole point becomes moot. With the introduction of Kevlar, body armour is becoming more and more comfortable to wear, without compromising on the protection offered in any way.

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