What are the Top Flowers to Give as a Gift!

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Flowers tops the list when it comes to gifting. People of all age groups love flowers and they are perfect for any and every occasion. They are bright, beautiful, fragrant, economical and a perfect gift! Apart from gifts, flowers are proven to have so many health benefits. Every flower has its own characteristics that symbolize something. Here are the top gifting flowers that you can present to your loved ones as a symbol of love. No matter what the occasion, grab one of these and send it to them.


Tulips are associated with love. So if you want to express your love to your special someone then consider tulips. Tulips are found in different colors and each color has a meaning. Red tulips symbolize true love while yellow tulips represent joy and happiness and finally, purple tulips symbolize royalty. Consider one of these if you want to express your feelings. They are perfect to express your love.


Lilies are a symbol of honor and purity! The beautiful meaning of these flowers will convey the depth and purity of your love to your beloved. You can give these flowers to your loved ones on any occasion. Be it mother’s day, birthday, anniversary, etc. Lilies are the perfect flowers to express your deepest emotions.


These fragrant flowers were discovered by the ancient Romans and Egyptians. Roses are know for passion, love and affection. While roses come in many colors, the deep red rose is a symbol of eternal love. Roses represent true love with great passion.

Rose is one of the most liked flowers on Valentine’s Day. A bouquet of roses makes for the perfect anniversary gift.


Daisy is one of the best flowers for a girl. These are listed as one of the flower types to get a girl as they symbolize beauty, innocence and purity. Daisies can be found in a variety of colors and can be mixed as such. It gives them an extra level of delight. These beautiful flowers can be sent as a mixed bouquet for her. Another option would be to send her daisies that represent her favorite color or shades.


With bright yellow petals extending from their center, sunflowers not only resemble the sun, but they also face the sun as the day begins. Sunflower means warmth and admiration and is also considered a sign of longevity. They make a great gift to bring joy and happiness in one’s life.


When you need a bouquet of flowers to show sympathy or to send wishes to your loved ones soon, you can go for iris flowers without thinking. Yes, iris flowers are the perfect gift for sympathy occasions. They are a perfect choice to show sympathy and kindness towards someone. Since iris flowers are available in a variety of colors, white iris can be an ideal choice.


When peon season arrives, be sure to make your pick right away! This bloom only blooms for a fleeting time, usually between April and June. The wait is well worth it, though—these colorful buds are full of sweet scent.


The elegant gardenia is a symbol of purity, joy and role-based love. The loving history you have with your girlfriend can be remembered by sending her a garden. Unlike other flowers, these smell great. Your girlfriend will not only have something beautiful to look at, but she will also have a nice smell to go with. You can have the best flower gardens to give to your girl. Remind your girlfriend of the love you both have with gardens.


Hydrangeas are beautiful flowers to give as a gift. Hydrangeas come in many colors such as pink, white, purple and blue. The gift of a variety of hydrangea blooming in flower bouquets brightens up and cheers up the surroundings and is an excellent choice as a housewarming gift.

Flowers’ presence alone is enough to spread happiness and joy all around. Hence flowers are preferred for sending wishes on special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, etc. You can send gifts and flowers combo online at the comfort of your home. All you need to do is visit any reputed website and place your order.

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