What to Know When Buying a Runner Rug

Runner Rug

Most of us don’t have a specific budget for home decoration. We just save money from our regular routine so we can invest it in our homes. This, in return, improves our quality of life and helps us feel better about our residence. 

Since we don’t usually have a lot of money specifically to spend on little things for our home, it’s really important to ensure that every penny is spent in the right place. Runner rugs, for example, offer a unique style, and you can put them in every part of the house. They are not very expensive, but one can’t say that they are cheap. 

One way to ensure that you are wasting your money on something that doesn’t pay its worth is by doing your research. If you are reading this article, it’s proof that you are on it and want to get the right runner rug that is worth the cost. To help you out, this article tells all the basic important things you should know before you buy a runner rug so you are not disappointed later. 


The first and foremost thing that determines the value of any item is its quality. If you are buying a runner rugs, it’s important to buy a quality one from a reliable vendor. It should last many years to come, and it should make it look important. A low-quality rug will lose its shine very soon, and you will start to see signs of wear and tear on it. You need something that always looks new and doesn’t look like you were trying to save money on your purchase. 


Just like the clothes you wear, the size of the rug makes all the difference in the world. No matter how beautiful and great quality the rug is, it will look out of place if you don’t get the right size. It should look like it belongs where it is. Although you can put a rug in any part of the house, you should get it specifically for each space. 

For example, a rug in the hallway will be long with a small width. The rug should cover the floor from wall to wall. It should leave a few inches on both sides, as it’s not a carpet. You will need to take measurements for both height and width before you go buy a rug. 


You should buy a rug that matches or goes in contrast with the color of your walls, furniture, or curtains. Some colors look great when they are an exact match, and some show their true grace when paired with contrast. For example, black and white look amazing together. If you have white furniture, consider getting a rug in black color. Likewise, you should get a white rug if you have furniture or curtains in black color. Some colors like beige look great when they are paired with an exact match. You should do a little research about which colors go together.

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