What Types of Outdoor Pool Furniture Are Available?

If you have decided that it is time to add some new outdoor pool furniture to your home or business, then you are in for a surprise. Sure, you can walk into any home store and find several different options, but each of those options will be much smaller than what you can find at an outdoor furniture specialty store. It may seem like a waste of money to shop this way, but there are actually some big benefits to be had. You are sure to spend a lot less money when you buy outdoor furniture in this manner. Here are just a few reasons why:

o Most outdoor pool furniture can be adjusted. You can adjust the height of the seats, adjust the backrest depth and angle, and in some cases even adjust the length of the chairs themselves. Chaise lounges are ideal outdoor pool furniture choices because they allow you to recline in a relaxed, almost lying position and soak in the sunlight.

o Long, wide pool furniture is better than short, narrow ones. Chairs, tables and other outdoor pool furniture items made from durable materials, like wood, aluminum and steel, are usually long enough to go around your pool and patio. If you have very little yard space, though, you will want to consider purchasing outdoor furniture that is shorter in length.

o Shorter styles are usually easier to store away. There are several styles of outdoor pool furniture that are only three feet long or less. If you need a few of them to provide seating for a few people on a summer day, then this might be all you need. However, if you have plans of using your outdoor pool area as a work area, then you will probably want more than just a few chairs. You may want to invest in several small but comfortable pool lounge chairs.

o Swimming pool lounge chairs are an excellent choice of outdoor pool furniture. These chairs are usually smaller in size than other types of furniture and they offer a practical use as well. In addition, you can store them away easily when not in use. Swimming pool lounge chairs typically recline, just like a traditional lounge chair, making it easy to lay back and relax. A swimming pool lounge chair usually offers support for your feet and the back of your knees.

o Small outdoor tables and chaise lounges usually do not take up too much room. Chaise lounges with shorter legs are especially useful when you have limited outdoor space. Some outdoor pool furniture stores sell folding chaise lounges that are available in a variety of colors, patterns and styles. They are a great alternative to plastic folding chairs. Folding outdoor tables and chairs usually take up very little space when fully loaded.

o If you are a resort or hotel, you can also find outdoor pool furniture sets that will fill all of your outdoor pool deck furniture needs. Many commercial pool deck furniture sets include a beverage cooler with a drink holder on each side of the lid. There is usually an umbrella holder on the table as well, making it easier to keep the patio furniture cool in the hot summer months. If you purchase a commercial pool deck furniture set, you can be assured that it is made of durable materials.

o Recycled plastic pool furniture can be purchased online and in most retail stores. In addition, many furniture stores offer discounts on outdoor pool furniture. You can save money by shopping at clearance sales. Before purchasing recycled plastic pool furniture, however, you should check with the manufacturer to see if the plastic will actually hold up to the wear and tear of being used outdoors.

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