5 Most Famous Bike Trips In India

Bike Trips In India


A bike trip is always thrilling, rewarding, endearing, on the road through the rocks and over the moon. It is much more than just riding in and out of cities and places but much more with the offer to explore the local culture, food, hotspots, raw nature, scenic views and never to be missed- sunsets and stargazing while campaigning. It takes you on the way to forests, valleys, plateaus, deserts, every nook and crannies, everything your imagination locks. 

Many motorable routes can be taken for a ride on your motorbike. And no worries if you don’t own one because you can always rent one! The driving license of course is a must and permits will be required to set you free for a comfortable journey. Don’t hold yourself back and make your bike trip, perhaps your first bike ride trip, the best and safest by searching it well. And for that, we have got some work done for you.

Here, let’s find the 5 Most Famous Bike Trips in India~

From Manali To Leh

Topping most of the riders list, the Manali to Leh bike trip is known all over for extremely pleasing passages like the Khardung La, Rohtang La, Gulaba and Darcha pass. Truly an adventurous journey with amazing views of the Himalayas and sightseeing hotspots all along the trip. The spots which are surely not meant to be missed are the Hall of Fame, Magnetic hill and Sangam. With a total riding distance of 1360km and a maximum altitude of about 17,470 feet, it is necessary to carry thermal clothing and windproof jackets. The maximum number of days the tour lasts is about 12 days and 11 nights making it one of the best motorcycle tours countrywide. The best recommended time to plan your ride on this route would be from July to September. Go grab your driving license already!

Manali To Spiti Valley

This bike trip in Himachal Pradesh will find you on an exciting 12-day journey riding along and passing lovely mountains and the beautiful valleys. Not an easy feat and yet a very exhilarating experience through the tour’s highlights namely, the Chandra Taal Lake, Kee monastery, Pin Valley, Tabo, Naka, Kalpa, Sangla and Shoja. Popular for all its reasons, this trip catches the imagination of travellers and offers camping, bonfire and yes, the stargazing at Chandratal Lake. Manali to Spiti Valley with the company of the Himalayas and a bike of your own or rented. Wah! The total riding distance is about 568km and during the peak season from May to July, it is likely that you will find all the linked roads open to welcome a more easy-going ride.  

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Sikkim-Darjeeling Routes

Popularly acknowledged for its biking ranges and trekking expeditions, the Sikkim-Darjeeling biking trip would set you free in a unique way amidst an exquisite atmosphere with whirling winds, post-summer and autumn weather amidst mesmerizing mountains. North-east India is rich in culture and to an extent unexplored. So, this will be your chance to ride on these roads like a fast walk through the local culture and some stops to take through the meadows, small towns or villages with the lovely local people. The total riding distance would be 650 km approximately. This bike trip is not less than picture-perfect, granting tea plantations to views of mighty mountains, a whole pack! The best recommended time to ride here would be October for its comfortable and most desired weather before welcoming the winters.


To explore this majestic place, bike tours have always been one of the best-preferred options. A motorcycle expedition through Jaipur-Jodhpur-Jaisalmer is to explore the city with entrancing palaces and charming forts, all worth the journey. It will definitely be a trip through the embedded heritage and rich culture with the modern lifestyle touch here and there. An exciting tour with a total riding distance of 1,723km and pleasantries of the locals. Being rather hot and dry usually, the best recommended months to travel here would be from November to February with bearable winters.

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Mumbai To Goa

A weekend trip is a must for a list for all the weekenders and otherwise Goa enthusiasts. To make`Dil Chahta Hai’ road trip from your bucket list to finally happen with an exciting touch of bikes, 3 days off your calendars would be enough. It’s a captivating coastal route along the highway with spell-bounding views and sightseeing places. And there’s more to unlock! You will have to take a ferry on this route to get across the water region and that is quite something off the beat for a bike trip. The route that is most commonly taken is Mumbai – Guhagar – Malwan – Goa with a total riding distance of about 678 km. For the Mumbai to Goa bike trip, the best season would be from February to June or October and November.

Did you find your best trip from some famous ones? Hope you have a pleasant, adventurous and safe ride~

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