Exploring Thrilling Adventures in Phuket’s Tropical Paradise: Top Activities You Must Experience

Phuket is a sought-after destination not only in Asia but also globally for its spectacular beaches and amazing bays. It is also a haven for adrenaline junkies with endless activities on land and in water to keep the blood pumping to satiate their hunger for adventure in this tropical paradise.

Bungee Jumping

This thrilling experience can be had at many other destinations, however, doing it in Phuket has the allure for many visitors such as those using Phuket resorts.  This is due to the unique settings on this tropical island with lush greenery and clear blue waters or other scenic experiences based on your selection. The trained specialists are on hand for guiding and ensuring your safety.

There are numerous ways to do Bungee Jumping, such as at Jungle Bungy Jump, the foremost Bungee Jumping company in Phuket with a sound record. The facility overlooks a serene lagoon away from the hustle and bustle of city areas surrounded by a dense forest. You can choose the style and session out of different options.

Classic solo jump – A straight dive towards the water without getting wet with close instructions from Jumpmaster.

Water Touch Jump – You jump from the platform headfirst towards the water, and the support crew pulls you back as you get partially wet making you just touch the water.

Catapult Jump or Reverse Jump – You start on the ground and are pushed head up in the air.

Tandem Jump – This is jumping with a buddy or friend, and if you are alone, you can easily find another lone visitor, or prospective jumper to leap with you.

The viewing area is a great arrangement for those coming for the first time. They get to witness the activity before taking the plunge, and even cheer others on as you would be cheered on as it is encouragement. Once a jump is experienced there are repeat requests for a similar or requests for different jumps from some visitors.

Zipline Adventure Tour

Zipping through Phuket’s dense jungles is an experience for your senses in addition to the extreme thrill component. This treetop adventure has several platforms designed so that you are challenged to fly on ziplines at different levels of exhilaration and admire the beauty of the surroundings. These are activities for groups of friends or even families.

This activity includes treetop zip lining, flying skateboarding, rope adventures and more pumping up your adrenaline as you fly on the treetops not forgetting the awesome scenery you encounter on the way. Although you may not appreciate the scenery initially, once you get used to gliding down you begin to appreciate the beautiful vistas from the top.

Scuba Diving

Phuket beaches are renowned for some of the best diving in Thailand. Offering different diving options from shallow fringing reefs to intense drop-offs and pinnacles, sea wrecks, caves etc. Check out some of the outstanding ones for unique underwater views as enjoyed by intrepid travellers using hotels such as Avani+ Mai Khao Phuket. This activity will offer less rush of adrenaline but more pleasure in witnessing living and breathing colourful life and the intrigue of exploring wrecks. 

Shark Point – A protected marine sanctuary due to its tremendous array of marine life. This tall pinnacle carries some hard as well as soft corals teeming with moray eels, vibrant reef fish, lionfish and leopard sharks resting deep in the sand can be spotted inside this wreck, including moray eels, lionfish, spiny lobster, scorpionfish, etc.

Anemone Reef – A submerged reef close to Shark Point amazing you with the collection of sea anemones clustered around the shallow areas of the reef. Large schools of small coloured fish, leopard sharks and larger pelagic like jacks, tuna and barracudas hunting for smaller fish can be spotted here.

King Cruiser Wreck – A passenger ferry which sank 26 years ago is a major attraction for clusters of schools of fish like barracudas and snappers. Species looking for shaded spaces include moray eels, lionfish, spiny lobster, scorpionfish etc. can be spotted inside this wreck.

ATV (All-terrain vehicle) Rides

These are thrilling rides to explore Phuket such as riding through jungles, visiting a scenic waterfall etc. Try the adventure of doing an ATV ride to Nakkerd Hill to visit the popular Big Buddha temple, an iconic landmark in Phuket. 

The quad bike ride to Nakkerd Hill takes you through different terrain passing Phuket City, Rawai Beach, Chalong Bay and the Andaman Archipelago. Stop and enjoy the beautiful scenery you pass through, enjoy a meal and take in the spectacular views atop Nakkerd Hill when you visit Bog Buddha temple. Passing through dirt tracks stretches of jungle which makes it even more adventurous.

Surfing and Phuket Beaches

Phuket may not be ranked among the best destinations for surfing, however as you are already in this city possessing so many beaches, pick one from the numerous scenic beaches to experience the swells in this beach city that is fast gaining popularity and already boasting a small surf community.

Kalim Beach – One of the best spots for surfing in Phuket, however not ideal for beginners. The central part of Kalim Beach is the ideal spot for surfing. If you are a regular surfer head over here to ride a swell with waves reaching as high as 3 metres. Be cautious to go at mid to high tides at this beach.

Kata Beach – The best location for surfing on Phuket Island. The southern end of Kata beach is ideal for surfing. However, it can be crowded due to its popularity. Offering a maximum height of 2 m, this beach is good for both beginners and advanced surfers.

Kamala Beach – Offering a fine surfing spot in the northern part of the beach, Kamala Beach offers 3 main parts. The southern part with a gentle swell can be surfed by beginners when it is over 1m, at the northern end having a tricky reef point break is the best surfing spot whilst the sandbank has waves going up to 3 m giving an ideal spot for advanced and experienced riders.

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