7 Ultimate Water Features to Include In Your Garden

You must have seen beautiful water features in gardens, estates, and resorts that add to their beauty, and we believe these water features are only limited to such places. That’s not true! Water Features like fountains, mini cascades, artificial ponds, aquariums, etc., add sound, texture, beauty, and calmness to your place.

While powerful frothing waterfalls are a part of public places, landscapes in residential areas play a subtle and more intimate role. Imagine having a water feature where water sweeps through the pebble steps on a cascade, producing sweet bubbling sounds and creating a perfect ambiance to enjoy morning yoga or coffee with family and friends. 

There are various water features that you can add to your patio, deck, and outdoor garden. Let’s have a look at them!

Small and Minimalistic Fountains: Small fountains are a good choice for a compact garden space where you can plug in the fountain showpiece near the shady area to give structure to your lush green plants. You can shift them anywhere you want since they are portable and ready to use straight out of the box.

Ponds: Ponds are way more different from small fountains as they are not easy to install. You need to plan the entire system carefully, for example, the proper water circulation, pond design, decoration, and placement.  

You can find ponds in various shapes and designs that can be installed at an appropriate location in your outdoor landscape. You can hire professionals for custom water-related designing projects.

Glass Stoner Fountains: If you are looking for something catchy, chic, and modern, then going for a glass stoner fountain can be that x-factor in your garden space attracting everyone visiting your house. Such fountains do not take up much space in your place and enhance the creativity of your garden.

Stone-Edging Fountains: If you want to stick to something traditional, stone-edging fountains should be your option. The water flows and falls at the stone edge producing sweet sounds that can be a spot for sparrows to come around and create a pleasant view. 

Modern Water Feature Idea: Not a fan of rustic vibe? Numerous modern designs can complement your modern interiors and architecture. Think of having a glass wall with cubical openings placed at equal lengths from each other, allowing the water to ooze out in the vertical pond below, surrounded by aesthetic plants and pebbles. 

Tiered Garden Waterfalls: If you have a huge garden space and want to fill it with something attractive apart from fences, plants, and flowers, a tiered garden waterfall should be your go-to choice! They not only add aesthetics but also add functional value to your garden. Such ponds attract tiny frogs that feed on mosquitoes and keep your garden free from disease-carrying insects.Traditional Water Features with Vases: Another very elite yet simple water feature to include in your landscape is the water feature with rusty vases spurting water in the pond around it. Such pretty scenes can give a dramatic look to your place.

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