A Guide to Buy a Diamond Ring

Diamonds are the perfect choice for almost every memorable occasion. Whether you’re getting engaged or planning to celebrate your anniversary, there’s nothing better than diamonds for your loved one. This sparkling gemstone is the first choice of lovers to mark their special occasion. But when looking for an engagement or wedding ring, finding the right piece without getting duped may seem like a daunting task. However, with a little knowledge of this precious stone, buying an engagement ring can become the most exciting task. With thousands of design options and hundreds of jewelers available, it is normal to feel overwhelmed. But the confusion arises due to the lack of knowledge. So, before you embark on the journey of finding the perfect ring, make sure you have basic knowledge of how to identify a genuine diamond.

The exquisite diamond jewelry is admired by women of all age groups. However, sometimes even the wisest of people can get duped when buying this sparkling stone. This happens because the market is full of crooks who know all the tricks to deceive innocent buyers. So, make sure you remember that everything that sparkles isn’t a diamond. Some faux stones may shine as dazzling as diamonds. So, even if a stone looks and feels like a diamond, possibly it could be zirconia. Whether you’re visiting a jewelry shop or buying a diamond from an online store, remember the rules mentioned below to buy the right diamond ring.

Learn Diamonds Basics

Before shopping for diamond jewelry, you need to understand the Four Cs of diamonds: Cut, Carat, Colour, and Clarity. It is these four Cs that determine a diamond’s worth. As you might know, it is the cut of the diamond that makes it shine. The finest cuts such as princess or marquise make the stone dazzle and even make it appear larger than its actual size. The second C is a Carat which is about the size of the gemstone. The price of jewelry will increase with an increase in the carat value.  The next C is color which is expressed in grades D to Z. The D grade diamonds are colorless and the most expensive ones. Diamonds get lowered in value as grades move from D to Z. The last C is clarity which determines the tiny imperfections in the diamond, also known as inclusions. The more inclusions a diamond has, the lesser its value is. The most expensive diamonds are those with maximum clarity, termed flawless (FL) diamonds.

Diamond Certification

Once you know the basics and diamond terms, the other important factors are diamond certification and the reliability of the jeweler. The genuine gemstones are certified by gemological institutes or grading laboratories. So, find out what type of certifications are provided in your region and make sure the seller provides an authentic diamond certification. To avoid getting duped, always purchase jewelry from a reliable online diamond jewelry store or established retailer. It is easier to buy diamonds online because you can check reviews and ratings of the seller to distinguish a fake seller from a trustworthy jeweler.

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