A Guide to Buy Right Wheelchair

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A wheelchair is designed for mobility purposes. It acts as primary transportation for the people who find it difficult or impossible to walk due to an injury, old age, disability, or illness. Buying a wheelchair can be a life-changing decision for those unable to stand on their own feet. This rehab equipment is great for providing independence and mobility to people with disability to walk. With the right wheelchair, people with walking issues can participate in activities they would be unable to do otherwise. And as a result, a wheelchair not only improves mobility but also enhances mental health by providing people confidence and freedom to enjoy everyday activities.

The latest wheelchairs are not only easier to transport but also more durable and reliable. However, the availability of different models and types makes it confusing to pick the right wheelchair. Choosing the right type of rehab equipment is important to ensure that it suits your individual needs. It is also important to understand that a wheelchair is different from a transport chair.Transport wheelchairs are light, compact, smaller-wheeled chairs. These are typically pushed by a caregiver and can be used for traveling or outside the home. These are easier to push but the wheelchair user cannot operate them without assistance. Besides this, there are some more factors to consider when buying a wheelchair. Read further to know how to find a perfect wheelchair that suits you best.

Manual or Electric (Power) Wheelchair 

When you start looking for a wheelchair, first you need to determine whether you want a traditional manual wheelchair or a power wheelchair. Different individuals have different mobility needs. For those with limited mobility and long-term use, an electric wheelchair can be the right choice. However, if you need a wheelchair for a short time to recover from an injury or for occasional use only, consider a low-cost manual wheelchair. A manual wheelchair can also be the right choice for those who find it difficult to move their hands to operate the wheelchair. Whether you are looking for a self-propel or attendant wheelchair also determines your choice of an electric or manual wheelchair.

User’s Weight & Body Measurements

Another important factor is the weight of the user. You need to find a wheelchair that fits your body size. If the chair is too small, the user will feel uncomfortable while a too big chair can feel like slipping out of it. So, consider the weight, height, and other body measurements to find a perfect fit. Wheelchairs are available for children and adults of different shapes and sizes. However, you can also get a custom-made chair if you can’t find the right fit. While choosing a wheelchair, you should also remember that there is a weight limit for different wheelchairs. Exceeding the maximum user weight is not only risky but also invalidates the warranty. 

Wheelchair Features

When looking for a wheelchair, different users have different preferences. Based on your lifestyle, frequency of use, and budget, you should look for features that are important for your needs. The user’s medical condition determines what type of back support, “tilt in space”, footrest, armrest, brakes, and other features are needed. It is best to discuss your personal needs and preferences with a professional wheelchair provider to find the right fit. 

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