Advantages of Aluminium Metal

Aluminum is a very popular and useful metal and can probably be found in every corner of your house in some way or another. Aluminum is found in abundance inside earth. Aluminum metal has infinite uses.  There are many advantages of aluminium as it’s malleable, lightweight and ductile. Aluminum is a complete package that provides durability, strength, and beauty. Aluminum has a number of advantages that make it an excellent choice for your sheet, wires, foils or coils. Additionally, aluminium is also very versatile, non-toxic and anti corrosion. It’s a very good conductor of electricity and can be used for your electric wire needs and it’s affordable too. Here are some benefits of aluminium metal :

  • DURABILITY: One of the most important advantages of aluminum  is its durability. It has the ability to survive harsh weather and does not rust or rot readily. Aluminum metal doesn’t  splinter or split easily, don’t fade in color over time, and don’t need structural posts . It also does not necessitate a lot of upkeep to keep it in good shape. It’s very long lasting and value for money.
  • TENSILE STRENGTH: Aluminium metal has a higher tensile strength than other materials. Aluminium’s strong strength ensures long-term use. It doesn’t need to be replaced for a long time, and it doesn’t thin out over time. The strength varies a lot depending on the alloy.  Railings, rods, kitchen utensils and many other things often have aluminium along with other metals to increase the strength of the product. It performs effectively in a variety of conditions and does not shrink or bulge. From a structural standpoint, purchasing aluminum metal products or materials from a trustworthy seller is the best option.
  • RECYCLABLE : Products made of aluminium or the metal is completely recyclable. Aluminum no matter if used in utensils or construction or wires can be recycled. Even after recycling multiple times, the metal retains all its properties. Using recycled aluminium is much more cost effective than using fresh aluminium.
  • GOOD CONDUCTOR : One of the major benefits of aluminium is that it is a very good conductor of heat and electricity. This is the reason that aluminium is used majorly in electrical wires and as heat sinks. Even though aluminium is not as good a conductor as copper, it is much more reasonable. It is also used in electrical products, led lights etc.
  • CORROSION RESISTANT : One of the major reasons as to why aluminium is durable is because it is corrosion resistant. Aluminum has a natural protective coating which automatically generates when the metal comes in contact with the oxidising surface. This is the reason that it’s also able to withstand extreme weather conditions as it doesn’t shrink or swell during extreme winters or summers.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT : Aluminium is a lightweight metal which makes it very easy to transport. It weighs around 2.71g/cm3 which makes it a third lighter than any other metal. As aluminium is lightweight it makes it easily transportable and inexpensive. Due to its weight and fabrication aluminium is commonly used in vehicle panelling, building cladding or kitchen appliances.

Along with the above mentioned reasons aluminium is also beneficial because its low maintenance, provides safety against fire as it’s non-combustible. It’s also very versatile and flexible in nature as it can be melted, formed, casted and rolled and offers various design potential. Aluminum is also used for packing food materials and pharmaceuticals because it’s odourless and impermeable. All of the reasons mentioned above make aluminium a very popular and useful metal. It has unlimited functions and is used at your home to construction sites to hospitals.

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