Precautions To Take While Traveling With An Oxygen Cylinder

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Traveling with an oxygen cylinder will not be an issue now as there are portable cylinders available. In fact, now railways and airlines also make sure that your journey is not hindered because of the cylinder you are carrying. But one thing is assured that oxygen cylinders cannot affect your planned trips. But it is vital that you take precautions while going on a trip so that your journey can be smooth. Before planning the trip, you need to get a clearance from your physician after running all the necessary tests to ensure that you are fit for travel. Now when you have the permission, you will need to know the restrictions by each transporting mode so you can choose the suitable traveling mode or make preparations accordingly.

Below are some precautions that you need to take while traveling through different transportation modes:

By car:

If you have planned a road trip in your own car but have doubts about your oxygen cylinder, then there are few things that you need to take care of:

  • Your vehicle should be large enough to carry the oxygen cylinder. While traveling, your best option is a portable oxygen cylinder which will be easy to carry. 
  • The oxygen cylinder should be kept on the floor of the backseat and not under the trunk of the car. 
  • You need to make sure that the oxygen and heat do not collect inside the car. To prevent this, you can keep the window of the car slightly open. 
  • While traveling in the car which an oxygen cylinder does not smoke inside. 
  • Keep a backup cylinder in your car for unseen situations. 

By airplane:

If you are going to travel through the plane, you need to make sure of the few things that are:

  • You need to submit a letter from the physician about the need to travel and your condition. 
  • When you are in flight, you are only allowed to use the oxygen cylinder without compressed oxygen because they fit with the safety guidelines of the airplanes. 
  • Some airlines have other guidelines while traveling with oxygen. They require that you use cylinders provided by them while on board. 

By bus or train:

  • Buses and trains both have different rules for carrying oxygen cylinders. If you are making a trip by bus, you will have to inform them in advance about you carrying a portable oxygen cylinder, and the same is the case if you are going to travel by train. 
  • You will have to inform the train authorities around 24 hours prior to boarding your train. These are some traveling measures you need to take care of while traveling by bus or train. But whatever mode of transport you choose to travel, you need to make sure that you carry a portable oxygen cylinder to make your journey easy. 
  • You also should carry a letter from your physician just to be sure, and if someone from the authorities is wary about your traveling situation, you can show them the letter. 

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