Benefits Of A Compounding Pharmacy

Mass-produced, commercial medications don’t always work best for every patient. The standard formulas are created to suit the masses but some people may have different needs. It is not always possible to create a drug that suits millions of people with unique health needs. And for this reason, medication is compounded. The specialized pharmacies customize prescriptions to ensure that drugs better suit the individual needs of patients. Compounding is the science of altering or combining ingredients in specific dosages for an individual patient. It means that when standard medication available at retail pharmacies fails to meet the unique needs of a patient, the doctor can prescribe compounded medication.

Compounding Pharmacy

Not all people react in the same way to a medication. A formula that may contain preservatives, dye, or lactose could cause allergies. When commercially manufactured medications fail to serve the purpose, a compounding pharmacy can help! A compounding pharmacy is a specialty pharmacy that can prepare customized medications prescribed by doctors. This specialized pharmacy is frequently used for people with hypoallergenic sensitivities or for children who require a small dosage of medication. Licensed pharmacists prepare these formulated drugs to ensure that they are safe for consumption and tailored to the patient’s specific needs. Compounding has become one of the most popular methods of getting access to customized medication created by a pharmacist with the guidance of a licensed physician.

Benefits of Compounding Medication

The best compounding pharmacies use the latest machinery and advanced techniques to create sterile and non-sterile compounding medication. The trained pharmacists combine quality ingredients in a specific amount to ensure the safety of the drugs. Buying medicines from a retail pharmacy is easy but getting customized medication from a licensed compound pharmacy also provides a range of benefits such as:

1.       Personalized Medication

Commercial medicines manufactured by companies are made using a standard formula. These drugs often have ingredients that can cause allergies such as lactose, gluten, dyes, and preservatives. Moreover, you can find medicines in specific dosages like 50mg, 100mg, 250mg, 300mg, 400mg, and 500mg. So, what if you’re allergic to gluten or your doctor has prescribed a specific dosage that isn’t available commercially? Whether you want to remove allergy-causing ingredients or you’re prescribed a dosage smaller or more than the standard dosage available in the market, compounding is the right choice. You can get personalized medication, created especially for you- no allergy-causing element and the right dosage. Customization allows removing or adding ingredients to improve the safety and efficacy of the medication. You don’t need to divide the pill into pieces to get the prescribed dosage.

2.       Convenience

Some patients with serious health conditions or senior citizens need to take two or more medications at the same time. This can be extremely distressing for patients, especially elderly patients. Some find it hard to take all one by one while some may forget to take all of the medications needed to take at the same time. In such situations, a licensed compounding pharmacist can combine multiple medications into a single compounded capsule. This makes taking medicines convenient and prevents the risk of forgetting one or more medications. Moreover, compounding also allows you to get access to medications that are no longer commercially available. Whether a drug is in short supply or discontinued by the company, compounding is the best option to easily get medications that have been withdrawn from the market.

3.       Encourage Kids to Take Their Medicine

Some syrups for kids have a fruity or sweet taste. But not all pediatric medications have a pleasant taste. If the medication tastes bitter or the capsule is too big, children may refuse to take it. This is where compounding pharmacies can add flavors and make the medication palatable.

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