Cerner Pricing, Features, and More in 2021

Cerner Pricing

Cerner EMR is a leader when it comes to healthcare solutions, which is why there is so much interest in what it has to offer. You may have found yourself thinking – what is Cerner pricing like? What features does it offer? With this article, all your questions will be answered.

About Cerner

Cerner has been creating health care solutions for the last 40 years, using its technology to provide solutions for practices across the world. The idea behind this company is to empower the community to take charge of its health using innovative processes. 

Cerner provides practices with information that they need to run their clinics better and gives doctors the information they need to provide the best kind of care by modern standards, using newly changing information to create better patient experiences across these practices. 

Cerner Features

Here are some of the top features of the Cerner EMR.

Improved Experience for Doctors

Cerner believes that there are two active parties in the healthcare setting – the patient, and the doctor. When designing software, Cerner consults with real doctors who can give insight into what would make software intuitive for use in the clinical setting. 

The idea is to create software that doctors will like as much as the patients. Cerner also recognizes that physician burnout is real and provides resources to combat the crisis of burnout in physicians across the world. 

Increased Patient Involvement

We’ve tackled one of the two active ingredients when making the recipe for a good doctor’s visit, and the second ingredient is the patient. Cerner EMR believes the patient has a right to be more involved in the care and provides the patient portal to facilitate this. 

Using the portal, patients can securely share messages with their doctors, or schedule appointments, view their data, ask for refills, and send important files or information to their physicians. The portal can also be used to spread education and awareness materials that doctors can use to improve their patients’ understanding of medical conditions. 

Interoperability and Connectivity

Interoperability is a key feature that makes an EHR solution stand out when it comes to connecting healthcare ecosystems to provide optimized and seamless patient care. With Cerner, the latest updates in health data are easily accessible to doctors as they use their EHR to navigate their daily tasks. 

You can cut down on the time you spend researching the newest data in medicine and spend that time providing the ultimate care to patients with what you learn from your EHR. This will allow you to make better, and more informed decisions about each patient. 

The CommonWell Alliance, which you can integrate with the Cerner EHR can help you facilitate interoperability with a network of healthcare facilities across the nation. This helps you identify patients between referrals, and track records that you need even if the care was not provided at your practice. 

Cerner Pricing

If you want to know the price tag for everything mentioned above, you can reach out to the vendor for a customized Cerner pricing plan. The Cerner pricing plan will be created using the information on the services that you require along with the structure and needs of the practice that you are currently running. 

Cerner Demo

A demo of the Cerner EMR can be requested. This is sort of a virtual tour of what the software feels and navigates like and can give you an idea of what to expect should you choose to invest in Cerner. 

Cerner Reviews

According to the reviews for Cerner, the software is a leader in the industry and has the backing of some high-profile clientele. The consulting it offers has its benefits, and reviews mention Cerner pricing is worth the value of the benefits it offers to the practice. The software can be hosted both locally and online. 

On the flip side, some of the drawbacks that were mentioned by reviewers were unhappy to find that a lot of clicking is required to get work done. Because Cerner is a powerful solution, users may need to undergo a learning curve so they can be able to pick up on the software and truly utilize it to the best of their abilities. 

Final Rundown – Is the Cerner pricing tag worth it?

There is no denying it, Cerner EMR has a lot of wonderful features that make it feel like it is worth the investment for any medical practice out there.

However, if you’re feeling like the Cerner pricing plans are a bit too tough, you can also weigh out the pros of using the software by checking out the demo, which can be requested, and reviews of the software to see how beneficial it can be to businesses in real-time. 

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