Whiskey is a hammered grain spirit, generally made from malted barley. Corn whiskey, for example, has more of a corn flavor to it. Bourbon on the other hand is made primarily from corn and usually contains no rye or wheat. The last requirement for bourbon is that it must be distilled at less than 160 proof (80% ABV). It can also not be stored in new charred oak barrels.

Bourbon has a stronger, sweeter flavor than whiskey. Its taste is usually described as being round and smooth. Its color is golden brown, like that of scotch, but it will not be nearly as dark. It has a much heavier juniper flavor and a longer finish.

Whiskey follows the same basic formula: malted barley, water and yeast are mixed together to create mash in the first step of the process. The mash is then fermented to create alcohol in the next step. Finally, the alcohol is distilled at between 80 and 160 proof. Buy Whiskey and Bourbon from us, it has all that you need,

The difference between whiskeys and bourbons can be seen in the type of grains used, where the whiskey is distilled, and what it’s made out of. Whiskey can be made from wheat, rye and barley. Bourbon is a corn-based whiskey. It must also be distilled below 160 proofs, but only in new charred oak barrels.

Whiskey also has a more malty taste than bourbon while bourbon tends to have a sweeter taste with more spice notes picked up from the oak barrel. Bourbon was first created by distilleries in Kentucky when they found that the local water made their whiskey smoother than other distilleries’ products who were using different water sources. The limestone filtered water and growing conditions in Kentucky have made it a great place for growing corn. Most of the local distilleries used sugar cane or corn to produce their whiskey until sugar was replaced by molasses from the Caribbean in Colonial times. The distillate must have been held in new charred oak barrels for at least two years in order for bourbon to be considered straight. Only maize whiskey, which is matured in new or used oak barrels, deviates from this norm. Bourbon oxidizes and permeates the wood while it ages. As a result of this oxidation process, several flavoring elements are extracted, including caramelized sugars, which give bourbon its sweet and smokey flavor characteristics.

Tennessee is also a major producer of whiskey and there may be some confusion as to where the differences lie between Tennessee Whiskey and Bourbon. They’re both labeled “straight whiskey” and they’re both made of corn, but again, not the same thing. All bourbon must be aged in new charred oak barrels while Tennessee whiskey can use recycled “sherry” casks. The way in which they are filtered is the primary distinction between bourbon and Tennessee whiskey. The Lincoln County Process is a method of filtering Tennessee whiskey that involves passing the whiskey through charcoal before it is matured in charred oak barrels (in Tennessee) to a maximum strength of 125. We sell the best Tennessee whiskey in town. But don’t get confused between Tennessee whiskey and Bourbon.

Naturally, this manufacturing process is quite similar to bourbon and complies with all requirements for the bourbon designation. In actuality, the Lincoln County Process does not prevent whiskey from being referred to as bourbon. But most people agree that the Lincoln County Process distinguishes Tennessee whiskey from bourbon sufficiently for it to not be referred to as bourbon.

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