Different Types Of Bangles You Should Know

Different Types Of Bangles You Should Know

Given the enormous variety of patterns and styles available, bangles may be the ideal woman’s adornment. For every occasion and every kind of lady, there is a bracelet. You’ll have a tonne of options when you buy diamond bangles, from the traditional diamond-studded bangles for women with a single row of gemstones to the chunky cuff bangles that are great for special occasions.

A terrific option to finish off your outfit is with bangles. There are bangles for men and women in a variety of styles, colours, and price ranges available online. You can find all of them online, whether you prefer designs that are purely metallic or ones that feature diamonds, coloured gemstones, or both.

Since they have been around for many years, bracelets continue to hold a special place in modern women’s wardrobes.

Consider these 5 on-trend bangle designs by a brand that sells diamond engagement rings for women, which are a must-have to complete your jewellery collection.

Men’s Bangles

Yes, you did read that correctly. In actuality, men have worn bracelets for as long as women have. They have played a significant role in male culture. In the past, only the wealthy wore them since they were a prestige symbol. These bangles were made with premium materials and superb craftsmanship specifically for men. Men might be seen sporting silver bracelets and cuffs today, which are highly fashionable. Celebrities enjoy flaunting their jewellery on the red carpet as well.

Slave Bangles

Do not be misled by the name. The current design of these bracelets honours their extremely special past. They are typically composed of precious metals like silver or gold, and several bangles are frequently worn at once. These bangles stand out because they are tiny circles that can be worn in huge quantities without discomfort. They have a striking and alluring allure that is impossible to resist.

Engraved Bangles

Jewellery with engravings has existed for as long as mankind. Engravings are today utilised for customising the artefacts. Whereas the Ancient Egyptians used them for worship and gifts. On silver bangles, you can frequently find handwritten notes or catchphrases. You should keep in mind, though, that engravings are preferable to etching on any soft precious metal, such as silver, because etching might wear off over time.

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Cuff Bangles

Similar to torques are these bangles. No matter the size of your wrist or hand, they can be put on and taken off with ease because they too have a gap. Cuff bangles, on the other hand, are wider and typically made of flattened and shaped metals, such as gold and silver. These bracelets typically have lovely, intricate designs cut into flattened metal. These bangles also come in modern styles with gemstones set into highly polished metal finishes. As standalone pieces of statement jewellery, cuff bangles are fantastic.

Torque Bangles

Bangles called Torque or Torc have a space on one side that enables you to extend them and fit them onto your arm at any height you desire. The nicest thing about these bangles is that, because they are often smaller in size than the width of the hand, they don’t slide off the wrist easily.

Torque bangles are thought to have originally been a status symbol, a sign of riches and royalty, Because the traditional designs were formed of bronze or gold and were twisted before hardened gold was introduced as an alloy. They are known as torque (from the Latin term that meani to twist or turn anything). If the metal is thin enough, the contemporary designs can also be twisted. The more popular torque bangles, on the other hand, have a wider gap than the conventional ones, making it possible to wear them without having to twist.

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