Effective Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Agents

Effective Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Agents

Over the past few decades, the real estate industry has undergone a major transformation due to disruptive technology. The current COVID-19 pandemic has also pushed the situation towards an improved and digitized model of real estate transactions.

Whether he’s researching MLS listings on a real estate aggregator website, applying for a loan through online banking, or running virtual tours, the real estate buying process will undergo rapid innovation in 2020. This is likely to continue beyond 2020.

So, as a malta real estate agent in this fast-paced industry, you need the most creative online marketing strategies to be successful. In this article, we’ll share 14 of the most effective internet marketing strategies you can use to propel your business forward and meet the demands of tomorrow.

We know that it is difficult to identify all the important directions for your online marketing activities. To help you, we’ve selected a few areas that you need to focus on.

  1. Start promoting yourself to Zillow

If you are in the real estate business, we are confident that you are aware of the importance of Zillow. It is one of the primary resources for many buyers looking to research promising properties. In 2019, Zillow had 196 million monthly unique users. So, make sure you are on Zillow.

Create a profile here and ask your customers to add a review. The number of contacts you get from here will really surprise you. Alternatively, you can advertise on Zillow after you create a good profile for yourself.

  1. Offer a home valuation to attract leads.

Incorporate a home appraisal landing page on your website so property owners can come in and estimate for free how much their home will be worth. In exchange for this information, you can obtain the user’s contact details.

You can create two types of home appraisal landing pages: instant appraisal and lazy appraisal. For an instant estimate, you need to build too. To do this, you can hire a dedicated developer to build your tool, or use existing tools such as Real Geeks and integrate it into your website. In a delayed appraisal, you should do your best and inspect the property to give an appraisal. Experiment with both of these methods and see which one gives good results.

  1. Provide a free moving truck.

With the explosive growth of the real estate market, you must find a way to stand out from the competition. As a real estate agent, you can do this by renting out a commercial vehicle to your clients. This is considered a moving billboard. You can strategically park it in high traffic areas when the truck is not in use. When there are local events such as houses or boat shows, you can move your truck to that location. Here’s an example,

  1. Use influencer marketing

It’s about marketing collaboration, content and technology that affects real estate. If you’re already sharing great content on your real estate website, you can partner with an influencer to create a social media campaign that expands your online reach. For example, if you want to attract new millennial shoppers, you can partner with an influencer followed by millennials and ask them to share your blog posts.

  1. Create a great real estate website.

A website should be an important component of your real estate marketing strategy. As a commercial property malta agent, through a website, you can reap the benefits of raising awareness, generating leads, increasing trust, and taking full control of the information you share.

While it will cost you to build a website, you will pay a small price to help you earn huge dividends. If you’re on a tight budget, take a look at our blog on How to Build a $ 1000 Website? Alternatively, you can also get inspired by real estate web design, which will give you some much-needed inspiration.

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