Electric motor maintenance plan to follow

We will witness that every device works on an electric motor if we look around. Electric motors are essential in our day-to-day lives. Electric motors can make every device work in the best and most efficient way. Powering up appliances is only possible because of an electric motor. The role of electric motors is indispensable in every sphere of life. These electric motors are used in our houses and every industrial unit. In each factory or industrial unit, there will be multiple electric motors. The use of electric motors is being used in every application, and this is why they are responsible for carrying out numerous jobs in the industrial units. 

When we look at the electric motor, we will realize that it is not just an electric component but has a considerable impact on the overall functioning and productivity. However, if we use electric motors daily, we need to take proper steps for their maintenance and upkeep. Electric motors will go through a lot of wear and tear over time. Potential problems will be left unaddressed due to the owners’ negligence. This happens when we are not regularly examining and monitoring the internal components of the electric motors. 

So electric motor maintenance is all out examining and inspecting the potential issues. We have to make sure that all the equipment is working at its best. There should be proper lubrication inside the electric motor, and in case significant issues arise, we must not hesitate to hire electric motor repair services. If we take a lot of time and leave the issues unaddressed, we will notice that instead of bearing the maintenance costs, we will have to bear the replacement costs of the electric motor. So, we must always devise a maintenance plan and work according to it. Here is how you can exercise your electric motor maintenance plan:

Perform inspection: As your electric motor is working in a rugged environment, it will have to go through wear and tear. The dust and grime can quickly accumulate on the exterior body of the electric motor. So visual inspection means inspection of the outer part of the electric motor and see how it looks on a physical level. You must also observe the motor’s windings, clearly put it into use, and then conduct a visual inspection. If there is debris on the windings Or the other components, it can pose a severe threat to the life of the electric motor. 

Check the brush: In order to not let the electric motor stop immediately, you need to take some steps to make your electric motor last. There might be various inconsistencies in the electric motor as it works in a very harsh environment. It might even stop abruptly, and you might have to shut down the operations for days completely. So, keep checking the motor’s brush and see if it needs to be changed. If the brush is appropriately squeezed and full of grime, you should replace it without a thought. Also, check the commutator and inspect if there are any dents or scratches. 

Check the bearings: Bearings are very important in the overall functioning of the electric motor. You must check the bearings of the electric motor and look for noise. If there is noise and vibration, it will indicate other underlying problems with the electric motor. If your motor is getting overheated, there is some issue with the bearings of the electric motor. So, once you inspect any issues with the bearings, you must contact them repaired by an electric repair technician. 

Conduct a winding and vibration test: Various kinds of tests are associated with electric motors. If you can suspect some cracks or a burning smell, there is certainly some issue with the windings of the electric motor. This means that you need to conduct a motor windings test. Also, you need to check the vibration and conduct the vibration test as frequent vibrations can reduce the lifespan of the electric motors. 

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