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About Epic EMR

Epic EMR happens to be one of the biggest medical EMR software in the world. According to the latest data, the software houses the records of over 54% of all patients in the US alone. The company was founded in 1979 by Judith Faulkner and ever since then has been a pioneer in the world of medical EMR software. The company was founded in Wisconsin and till date has offices maintained in that state. 

If you have heard a lot about Epic EMR, it is not surprising since the company is so big. In this piece however, we will be answering questions you might have about this software and want answered before you go and make an investment in it. We will answer everything; from questions about pricing to questions about Epic EMR demo. If you would like an answer to your questions then keep on reading!

What Are Epic EMR Features I Should Look Out For?

Intuitive Software for your Ease

The first feature in Epic EMR that we want to tell you about is the intuitive software feature. This feature allows the software to slowly adapt to your preferences over time. The software studies your preferences when you use it and then makes suggestions as you continue to use it which helps you to make your user experience with the software much better. 

Lab Integration Features

The lab integration feature in Epic EMR is pretty great. This feature helps you to integrate various labs around the country to your practice and order tests for your patients automatically from within your practice. And once your test results are out, the software automatically gets them so that you are able to view them right away without any delays or gaps! 

Patient Charting to make Treatment Simple

Patient charting is one of the most important parts of the job. This is because writing down patient information and making patient notes is incredibly important and pertinent to you treating someone. With the patient charting feature in Epic EMR you are able to fly through this aspect since the charting features make it so simple to log patient data on to your software! 

How Much Does Epic EMR Cost? 

While the company does not list its pricing publicly even though it is one of the biggest EHR providers in the United States. The software according to estimates and research on various sources say that this software could cost around $1,200 per month for your practice on average. To get a better idea about the price however, we encourage you to ask the vendor for a quote! 

What Are Epic EMR Reviews? 

Epic is one of the most popular EHR software on the market and has a lot of reviews available for it online. Most of the reviews for Epic are positive and the software has a very high rating for itself. However, we highly recommend also asking for an Epic demo before fully committing to the software. 

Should I Get an Epic EMR Demo Before Investing?

Now if you are wondering about whether you should shell out money for this EHR software based on this piece alone, then we have to give you a few more tips! We highly recommend making a list of all the features or areas you would hope an EHR software can help you with and then compare the list to the features in this software. This will help you make a much better decision in regards to your EHR.

We also recommend you ask the vendor for a demo of the software thus asking for an Epic EMR demo will help you get an idea about the software. Looking at a software in motion and seeing its features in action firsthand is much different from merely reading about these features in a review or on a website. 

We are sure whatever decision you make about Epic EMR especially if it comes after looking at an Epic EMR demo will be the right decision for you and your medical practice! 

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