Erectile Dysfunction, a sexual disorder with mental aftereffects

sexual disorder

ED or Erectile Dysfunction has surely made the lives of millions of men, a hell. Most of them were able to recover by using drugs like Cenforce 100,Cenforce 200 or Vidalista 20. But much of the victims of ED were mentally broken and thus became psychologically disturbed. Starting from being only a sexual disorder that affects the sexual performance of a man, slowly it starts posing threat to other aspects of life as well.

Mental health is tested when someone is suffering from ED, his relatives, close friends and even strangers make comments on his sexuality and manliness. This is mostly a reason due to which people try to hide their problems from family members. And slowly when the pressure gets accumulated to the highest point in the brain, it starts damaging the mental well being of the person.

Hence, simply gulping pills will not do, giving importance to our mental health is also necessary. In this article, we shall discuss Erectile Dysfunction and how mental health is associated with it.

First, let’s understand ED

Erectile Dysfunction is mostly considered a medical condition and not a disease or disorder. But if not treated under time, ED starts affecting other organs and their functions. During ED the penis receives less erection, sometimes almost erection. Even if sometimes, an erection occurs, it lasts for very few seconds. This is quite an embarrassing situation for the man and frustrating and irritating for the woman.

During the moment of sex when the couple are involved in intercourse, both men and women want more. And if suddenly the man stops after few minutes, the sexual urge is still unsatisfied for the women. Therefore, women get angry and dissatisfied with the performance of their husbands or boyfriend, where men need Fildena 100, Cenforce 200 or Vidalista 20.

If such incidents occur frequently, a feeling develops insider her that her husband is not capable of satisfying her. This becomes the reason for future problems like divorce and extramarital affairs.

But what is the reason behind the penis not becoming erect? What reasons lead to such circumstances? For the penis to get erect it needs a good supply of blood. When a man gets sexually excited, a rapid movement of blood in the penile region takes place. This fast movement of blood expands the blood vessels of the penis causing an erect and large penis. But due to reasons like smoking, drinking alcohol, less sleep, high blood pressure, diabetes and many other reasons, the blood supply to the penis is stalled. Thus, now no expansion of blood vessels of the penis takes place and thus the situation is called Erectile Dysfunction.

So, we come to know that blood supply is very much a prerequisite for an erect penis. Thus, we must avoid any activity which disturbs normal blood circulation.

How is mental health-related with ED?

Well, Erectile Dysfunction is somewhere in the middle and mental health covering it from both sides. Poor mental health is both the reason for ED as well as one of the after-effects due to ED. So, if you are all well then you may become mentally unstable due to ED. And on the other side if you are suffering from a mental disorder then it is highly possible that you may suffer from Erectile Dysfunction too. But how?

Take a very common example that when you had an argument with your best friend, do you get the sexual urge? No. For the sex drive to generate, your mind must be free from worries and tensions. Too much stress reduces the dopamine levels in the brain which results in your mood getting dull and off.

Dopamine is a chemical that determines the mood of a person. Too much dopamine indicates extreme happiness and excitement while low levels cause sadness and depression. This is the reason patients with depression and anxiety are found to have extremely low levels of dopamine. Such a person feels lethargic, fatigue and laziness throughout the day. The person may also encounter a lack of concentration and alertness while doing any work.

Now, let’s talk about mental illness as an aftereffect of ED. When you become an ED patient, especially in a conservative society where there is a lack of sexual education taunts and tantrums are thrown at the victim as if he has committed a crime. Relatives, family members and even close friends often make fun of the person. Hence, ED patient’s try to hide their problem from other people and also from Cenforce 100, Cenforce 200 or Vidalista 20.


They take ED as a blow to their manliness and not like any other disorder. While in many cases partners separate due to ED, the spouse of such people indulges in extramarital affairs and much more. So, an ED patient has to fight not only ED but also society. This becomes troublesome for many people and they get succumbed to mental disorders.

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