Useful Bathroom Cleaning Tips To Ensure Cleanliness

bathroom cleaning

Bathrooms are easily the most skipped areas on the premise. And the irony of the situation is that bathroom is the most frequently used area by the inmates of any premise; be it a professional, commercial, or residential structure. Humans have the habit to postpone things. But postponing the cleaning of areas like the bathroom will help you land anywhere because you will end up working hard and tirelessly to either clean it or get it cleaned. So, the best thought and advice is to keep the bathroom clean by regularly cleaning it. So, why not read some useful bathroom cleaning tips and tricks that will ensure the cleanliness of the bathroom.

If you have a single bathroom in your home that is shared with many family members, then you can well imagine what will be the status of the bathroom if it is not cleaned regularly. Toilet bowls and tiles are highly susceptible to attracting dirt and developing bacteria. So, under no circumstances you can allow the bathroom to remain dirty for long. Even from health and hygience point of view, cleanliness of the bathroom becomes a significant task.

Dirt, bacteria, grime, and odour are the elements that make the bathroom messy and filthy to the extent that health hazards get on the way for the users. Now, this is something that you would never want your family members to be exposed to. So, the best option is to keep the bathroom as clean as possible. But the main tip and advice that you should follow are to indulge in regular cleaning of the bathroom. Because unless bathrooms that are exposed to harsh human excretion and usage require daily/regular cleaning to maintain cleanliness. As discussed earlier, this write-up is dedicated to defining tricks and tips to keep the bathroom clean.

Now, let’s start with the tips:

  • Remove all items from the spots where they are kept

You would not like your expensive toiletries to get spoiled due to the cleaning process, right? So better is to remove all the essential toilet and washing products from the shelves of the bathroom. Take the rugs outside too as these can get dampened or spoiled.

  • Sweep and dust

Yes, you cannot omit this part. Dusting and sweeping constitute the important part of the cleaning procedure. The duster with a long handle will do the needful with impact. Corners and light fixtures attract cobwebs. The duster will take care of the cobwebs and the handle will help you reach the difficult areas with ease. Moreover, a stepladder can be used for better accessibility. Once the dusting is complete, you can easily sweep the floor or vacuum it to remove hair and debris.

  • Bathtub and shower cleaning

You can use an acid-base cleaner if you have serious grime formation on these fixtures. Otherwise simply using a cleaner can do the trick and help you to get rid of the dust and grime. If you have shower cubicles, then don’t forget to clean the shower door and shower track to ensure that the best cleaning drive is achieved. You get glass door cleaners easily in the market and are inexpensive too. These are specially formulated for cleaning glass surfaces. You can use such products to clean the glass door.

  • Tiles and walls

Similarly, you can also clean the tiles as well as clean the wall stains. The cleaner can be used and wiped to clean the same. Otherwise, you can take the liquid cleaner as a scrubber and then scrub the area. Clean it with a damp cloth to see the impact. Rinse the walls and tiles if required.

Alternatively, you can make a homemade paste of ammonia, baking soda, and warm water. Pour the liquid on the tiles directly and keep a sponge handy to scrub and wipe the tiles. Rinse it and clean the tiles.

Bleach is another good agent that can help to clean the grout. Take 2 cups of bleach in 2 cups of warm water, and a tablespoon of liquid dishwash; mix all the ingredients. Fill it in a spray bottle and spray the contents directly on the depression between the tiles. Take a scrub to clean and then rinse it with water to see the results.

  • Shower curtains

The shower curtains attracts mildew and mold due to the dampness in the bathroom. The occurrence of stain on the curtains appears shabby. But it is not difficult to get rid of the same. Repeat the same procedure as you did for the shower tracks and door. Scrub it with a liquid cleaner. Scrub to ensure that the stains get reduced or eliminated.

  • Vanity area

This consists of the sink, faucets, and countertops. You can clean these to ensure that the bathroom looks sparkling clean. If there is a built up of grime in such areas, then cleaning the same is an important task. You can use any bathroom cleaner to clean the area. Scrub it with a scrubber and wipe it with a clean cloth to see the results.

  • toilet/commode cleaning

Now, this is the most irritating part of bathroom cleaning. An undesirable part of your cleaning regime but the most important one too. A couple of denture cleaning tablets can be dropped in the toilet and allow to fizz. You can also use vinegar. Pour 2 cups of vinegar into the toilet bowl and allow it to sit for an hour. Now, scrub the toilet using the toilet brush and then flush it to notice the results.

You may come across rust stains in your bathroom that makes the area appear shabby. You can use lemon juice or vinegar directly on such stains and allow it to sit for half an hour. Scrub it and rinse the area. You will see the change in the spot.


Though bathroom cleaning may sound like an endless and irritating task yet the fact is that it is not a difficult task if you follow it up on a daily basis.

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