Everything You Need to Know About RBL Credit Card Online Payment


The RBL credit card offers various attractive features loaded with exclusive benefits. It can help you financially in every stage of life. It does take care of the everyday need of finance, and at the same time, it helps a person during the time of cash crunch. If you want to keep your credit card active, you need to make payments using your credit card. 

On the luckier side, the RBL Bank offers a credit card that can help a person make a stupid credit card bill effortlessly through various offline and online methods. 

Read more to know the various methods of credit card online payments.

Online payment methods

Pay your Credit Card bill online with the help of various methods like NEFT, net banking, debit card and many more. Here are how you can avail the various methods of making RBL credit card payments.

  • Payment via mobile banking

You can select your debit card to pay for the credit card bill. Make sure that you log on to your net banking account and select your debit card as the preferred mode for payment. As you choose the payment gateway, you have to input your card details to make the payment.

  • Payment using UPI

You can also take the help of UPI to make the RBL credit card payment. You have to log in to the mobile application and sign up for UPI banking. As you create your virtual payment address, you would equally have to set up the MPIN. You can select the payment by entering your VPA handle as you’re done with this method. As you enter the amount and click the submit option, you can authorize the transaction by providing your PIN.

  • Payment using NACH

Pay your bill with the help of NACH mandate services by downloading the NACH mandate form and printing it. After carefully filling in all your details, you can choose your payment amount. You can choose either the minimum amount due or the total amount due and pay the amount.

  • Payment while setting up standing instructions

If you have an RBL Bank account, you can go to your settings account and set up the standing instruction. Download the standing instruction form. Fill in all the details and email the same to the official email address of RBL Bank. Apart from that, you can also choose to pay for your credit card online by using NEFT, BillDesk, IMPS and even net banking.

Offline payment methods

Alternatively, you can use offline methods to pay your RBL credit card bill. You can visit the RBL Bank branch. For making a cash payment, you have to provide your pan card. It is required only if your bill amount exceeds Rs. 50,000. The bank might charge you a fee for making the cash payment. If you do not wish to pay in cash, you can also submit a cheque to clear your credit card dues. Once you pay using both methods, you will receive an acknowledgement receipt.

However, you can also make the bill payment with the help of an ATM. Make sure you follow the steps before payment by ATM.

  • Visit RBL Bank ATM
  • Swipe the debit card
  • Click on the option of services
  • Click on bill payment
  • Enter the credit card number
  • Enter the billed amount
  • Click on pay

Hence you can take the help of both offline and online methods for making credit card payments. You must receive your monthly credit card statement as you opt for any of these methods. If you have any unbuilt amount on your credit card, it will make up with the amount due in your next statement. Credit cards can offer you a variety of advantages but make sure you use them correctly to increase the benefits.

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