PPC vs OPC-Which is better and Why?

PPC vs OPC-Which is better and Why?

Cement is the essential part of the construction when building larger infrastructure projects like bridges, dams, bridge piers and foundation. The contractors often get confused about which type of cement to use. The choice of cement is the most important aspect in a construction project. 

The cement mix is integral in building the strong structure. Builders should always use good quality materials in infrastructure projects so that they can last for years without any issue whatsoever.


PPC causes fewer cracks compared to OPC, and it has better resistance to alkali and acid solutions and other chemicals. Therefore, it is the most popular choice for buyers for brick masonry, plastering, tiling, and waterproofing works. It makes the concrete more impermeable and denser.

Key points

  1. The initial strength obtained using PPC  is less, but it gains strength as it ages.
  2. The process of manufacturing is complicated and lengthy.
  3. The cement is less prone to cracks.
  4.  Durability and workability is better
  5. Costs less than OPC cement


Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) comes in three grades; 33 grade, 43 grade, and 53-grade cement. It is widely used for its chemical resistance and low moisture reactivity, making them ideal for use in high-humidity areas. It is also one of the most durable cements available today. 

OPC 33-grade cement means ordinary portland 33-grade cement. In these, the number 33 represents the compressive strength of cement at the end of 28 days of curing and it should be more than 28 N/mm.

The OPC 43 Grade cement gives compressive strength of 43 N/mm at the end of 28 days of curing and it is manufactured by many companies like Ultratech, Ambuja, and ACC cement.

The OPC 53 grade cement is used for constructing large load bearing structures like bridges, roads, dams, buildings, and water tanks. It is the most popular grade of cement used in construction due to a compressive strength of 53 N/mm, high strength, good quality, and less setting time compared to 33 grade and 43 grade.

The advantage of OPC cement is that its strength can be maintained for a longer period due to its long life expectancy of 15 years and thus greatly reduces the cost of maintaining construction.

Key points

  1. It has a high initial setting strength.
  2. Process of manufacturing is easy
  3. It can resist damage from chemical materials.
  4. Compared to PPC cement grade, cost is higher.
  5. It is less durable and more difficult to work with.

PPC vs. OPC: Which is better?

When we discuss PPC vs. OPC, OPC is widely used for the construction of high-rise buildings, roads, dams, bridges, and flyovers where high strength and fast setting is required. PPC cement is more durable over time and less expensive than OPC.

OPC cement is generally stronger than PPC cement, though the strength of PPC cement increases with age. Even though the cement’s setting time may vary depending on the batch, in general, opc has a lower setting time than ppc cement.

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