House Casing and its types


House Casing is a way to improve the appearance of the doors and windows in the house. Casings uplift the presence of doors and windows in the house, whether it edges the kitchen, bedrooms, or bathrooms. With the huge quality of homes in the modern days, casings have also seen growth. It is a wise choice to consider casing to give your house an even elevated and glowing semblance

What are the types of window and door casings?  

Low Profile casing: This is one of the most minimalistic casing styles. If you want the aesthetic of your house to remain intact while also adding extra protection to it, low profile casing is your best choice. Low-profile casing sits subtly around the doors and window and highlights them so that they stand out. The doors and windows become prominent, and the boundaries seem more defined. If you want the doors and windows of your house to perfectly blend in, it is high time you chose low profile casing.   

High Profile casing: If you want the impact of the room to intensify, you might want to consider high profile casing. It covers the area around the windows and doors such that they seem more a part of the entire setting. It is commonly seen in suburban homes that have a lot of decoration throughout the house. High-profile casing adds a modern touch to your house. It is usually in the same color as the window or door or in the color that lies within the same boundaries. Hugh profile casings truly make the doors and windows of your home stand out. 


Traditional casing: This adds an old yet simple touch to the windows and walls. One interesting thing about conventional casing is that it sits on the outer edges of the doors and windows instead of the inner edges. The color could be white to maintain the simplicity that comes in combination with a fresh appearance. Royal designs and carvings most frequently accompany the traditional casing. They enhance the look of the overall casing even further. The traditional casing is common around dark doors and windows because they give out a more modern and industrial style aesthetic.  

Complete casing: As the name suggests, this type of casing surrounds all four sides of the windows and all three sides of the doors. They may be accompanied by carving, depending upon the location of the casing. The complete casing is often seen in layers that give it a more layered and detailed look. The entire casing will fit on any door or window, regardless of the interior or exterior.  

Why is wood the best casing material?  

Often, the casing material should be the same as the door or window. The simple reason is so the casing and the door or window go together by blending in completely. Wood is one of the finest materials for casings. Wood is natural, beautiful and provides long-lasting performance while imparting consistency in appearance. Wood does not condense or rust and can be painted over to renew its shine regularly. Mahogany wood is a great insulator and one of the ideal choices for any type of casing. Depending upon the general aesthetic of the house, you can choose to experiment with the color of the casing. The thing about a perfect wood casing is that it stays forever. You do not have to worry about replacing the casing because it promises wonderful quality. Mahogany wood, in particular, is one of the best choices among homeowners who are looking to make their homes look even better by adding casing.  

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