The Top 3 Advantages of Installing Vinyl Plank Flooring

If you’re building a new office or planning to renovate your home, you need to carefully choose the right flooring material. The type of flooring you choose not only enhances the overall appearance of your space but also determines the durability of the floors. The availability of several types of flooring options makes it confusing to choose the best material. From hardwood and laminate to tiles and vinyl, the flooring market is flooded with plenteous choices. So, how to narrow down your options for flooring materials?  For most people, hardwood is the easiest choice because it is the most popular flooring material.

There is no doubt that hardwood is one of the best flooring materials available that gives an elegant touch to the space. However, hardwood can be expensive and out of budget. Likewise, carpet flooring looks great but it needs more maintenance because carpet can quickly accumulate dust and germs. So, if you’re looking for something which is easy to maintain and doesn’t even burn a hole in your pocket, then consider vinyl flooring. Since its introduction, vinyl has come a long way. Over the years, manufacturers have significantly improved this material and now it has become a popular flooring material. It is an artificial composite flooring material that is available in two types- vinyl sheets and vinyl tiles. If you’re looking for a durable and versatile flooring option, here are some amazing benefits of choosing vinyl flooring for your home or office.

1.      Durable & Water-Resistant

As compared to wood and other materials that easily get water damaged, vinyl is resistant to water and moisture. It doesn’t swell or warp in a moist or humid environment. Moreover, it has insulating properties and can withstand heavy traffic. All these qualities make vinyl a highly durable material, perfect for moisture-prone and heavy traffic rooms like bathrooms or kitchens. The water and moisture resistance also helps in preventing mold and stain damages. As a durable material, vinyl is the right choice for homes that have kids or pets.

2.      Variety of Designs & Finishes

Vinyl is a versatile material that comes in a wide variety of designs, patterns, and colors. You can find vinyl in various styles that can mimic the appearance of natural wood or even stone. The availability of several designs and colors allows homeowners to create any look- modern or traditional. The luxury vinyl plank can even look like natural wood or ceramic tiles.

3.      Easy To Clean & Maintain

Vinyl is one of the most cost-effective flooring materials because it is affordable, simple to install, and even requires minimal maintenance. Unlike carpet, it doesn’t accumulate dust and germs. The best vinyl flooring comes with a resilient protective coating that protects the floor against stains and dirt. The liquid spills can be easily cleaned up and it doesn’t even get easily stained. As far as maintenance is concerned, you don’t need to spend money on sanding, refinishing, or polishing the floors after every few years.

As far as maintenance is concerned, you don’t need to spend money on sanding, refinishing, or polishing the floors after every few years.

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