How can you remove your mugshots online?

Remove Mugshots

Our local jails appear to be selling information to websites that display the mugshots of persons arrested in the community these days. This implies that once you’ve been arrested, your mugshot, identity, and maybe charges will appear on multiple different websites. When your entire name is searched, your mugshot and related charges display alongside any social media profiles you have, even if the case was dismissed or the charges were withdrawn. This is a major issue for people since possible jobs, enrollment offices, friends, and relatives may all view this information, ruining your reputation permanently.

Fortunately, by working with a mugshot removal agency like Remove Mugshots, you may get your mugshot taken down from the internet swiftly and at a low cost.

The Steps to Getting Your Mugshot Removed from the Internet

Every website is different, which is why you’ll need to work on each one separately to figure out what content has to be removed. Some websites demand that the lawsuit be dismissed and that you provide documentation of dismissal. Some websites need the case to be sealed or expunged before it may be removed, but most websites will remove it for a charge.

Making a list of all websites that contain your mugshot should be the first step in the process of eliminating it. On their websites, the majority of them include contact information in the form of an email address or a phone number.Put everything down on paper, and then go over the list to see what each website wants.

A lawyer can assist you in contacting the best reputation management company like remove mugshots agency and providing the information that each website wants after you understand what they require. Whether you need to prove that the case was dropped, that you had the records sealed or expunged, or that you just need to pay a fee to have the material deleted, write down what you need and provide it to your lawyer.

Google’s Strike Against Mugshot Hoarding

Many mugshot-hosting websites are becoming increasingly unscrupulous, and search engines like Google are taking steps to knock these sites down in the results. Mugshot websites are exploitative, and thankfully for the thousands of people who have their mugshots stored on them, the websites that store them may not be there for long.


Mugshots, however, can remain online indefinitely if no action is done to remove mugshots. Even getting your records sealed or expunged, which is meant to indicate that your case is private and that a corporation should erase any evidence of your arrest, does not guarantee that a mugshot will be removed off the internet.


The cost of removing mugshots varies based on the circumstances and the agency handling your case.

Mugshot removal websites are unlicensed and unregulated, and they charge exorbitant amounts for removing mugshots that may or may not be removed. Remove Mugshots guarantees that your mugshot will be removed accurately and privately for a reasonable charge according to the amount of labor necessary in your specific scenario.

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