Why Should you Never go to Bed Without Removing your Makeup, and What can it do to your Skin?

makeup removal

After attending a party or a wedding, all you want is to do is crash on your bed. Even changing clothes seems like a big task, but you do it because of comfort. What you don’t do is remove your makeup. You think you have to wash your face anyway in the morning, so why to bother cleaning it at night. That is a big mistake. You should never go to bed without removing makeup.

Many makeup products contain ingredients like lead and parabens. They go deep in your pores and clog them. They also attract bacteria and cause skin problems like acne, blackheads, dry and patchy skin. Over some time, these skin issues could turn into serious skin problems.

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Are face wipes and cleansing oils enough to remove the makeup?

Many influencers would suggest using a face wipe or cleansing oils to remove makeup, but those products are not enough. Partywear makeup is usually done in layers. It isn’t easy to get a clean face by just using cleansing oil and a face wipe, especially when you use waterproof makeup. This type of makeup needs a deep cleaning with a cleanser accompanied by a mild face wash. If it is not cleaned properly, the products can go further in causing pore blockage and acne all over the face.

 Let’s look at some reasons for cleaning your face before going to bed:

  • Foundation and concealers can cause inflamed skin.

Makeup, be it any kind, when left on the face for a long period, will most certainly create skin problems. But the worst product to keep on would be the foundations and concealers. Foundation is generally applied in thick layers all over the face. Certain kinds of foundation and concealer products even claim to reduce the pores visibly. All they are doing is filling the pores up, so they seem to disappear, and you magically have that poreless airbrushed skin. It is a good product otherwise if only used for a limited period and removed after 12 hours. But if you don’t remove it at the end of the day, it will clog your facial pores, and the skin will not renew itself during nighttime causing acne, blackheads, and overall dullness. Makeup can suffocate the skin if it is not removed and properly cleansed. And it’s not just makeup; all the dirt and pollution on your face will also be smothered all night, and it will not give your skin a fighting chance to recover itself.

  • Eye and lip products can cause irritation and dryness.

The eyeliner and mascara that adorned your eyes will dry up if not removed at night, irritating your eyes. It can also cause the skin around your eyes to get red and sensitive, leading to eye problems. 

The formulas in lipsticks that cause them to stay on your lips for hours don’t necessarily include hydration. You can feel your lips getting dry and chappy. That’s why it is essential to remove it using cleansing milk or makeup remover, as it will remove the chemicals that lipstick might have and further hydrate your lips. If your lips are already dry, apply a natural lip balm before going to bed.

  • The dull complexion of the skin

When you take care of your skin, it shows. Regular cleansing, exfoliation, and moisturizing are vital to having beautiful skin. It is worse if you sleep with makeup on if you have hypersensitive skin. You will be twice as likely to damage your skin cells. Waterproof makeup stays longer on the skin and is not that easy to remove. It should be removed with oils and micellar water and then thoroughly washed with a face wash.

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Well, the bottom line is even if you are tired, don’t forget to remove your partywear makeup before going to bed. Little efforts are worthwhile for your skin. When everyone appreciates your flawless, radiant skin, you’ll thank yourself for keeping a healthy skin routine.

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