How To Improve CNC Warehouse Productivity?

Improving the productivity of a warehouse is the primary concern of the owners since they believe in gaining maximum profit out of their business. There are so many factors that affect productivity- labor, staff, machines, CNC equipment, time schedules and interactions with the third party. Sometimes it becomes difficult to pinpoint areas that require focus to make the things more efficient.

There are various ways of enhancing productivity in a CNC machine and some of them are given below-

1) Improving the overall utilization of the CNC machines.

2) Positive work ergonomics.

3) Reducing the set-up timing.

4) Increasing the cutting parameters.

However, for operating CNC machines, skilled and trained experts are required. CNC machines are used over conventional machines since they are time savers and operate more accurately. It offers more financial and production advantages. But apart from all these advantages, how can you improve the productivity of a CNC warehouse? Here are some factors you must focus on-

1) Inspecting the CNC machines-

Due to excessive use of machines, they can lose their accuracy and speed. Getting them inspected of any damage can help you improve productivity.

For example, let us consider the plasma cutters that are used for cutting and shaping the metal that is combined for designing. If the cutting torch nozzle electrode gets damaged due to lack of maintenance and excessive usage, they may not cut the metal sharply in the required shape or maybe doesn’t cut at all. In that case, you will have to upgrade the plasma cutter with the new one.

Similarly, other defects may arise and must be checked from time to time, that can cause trouble.

2) Analyse Picking Methodology-

The owners must check whether the current picking methodology suits the organization and beneficial. If not, they must change their strategies by dividing the work among different work stations and effectively communicating with the workers on getting timely updations. Making the right order picking can have a positive impact on productivity.

3) Invest in Quality Equipment-

I have seen many warehouse owners being negligent when it comes to purchasing the right equipment and machinery. They often buy the one that is sold at a low price to reduce their expenditure. It becomes difficult for the staff to deal with inadequate equipment which leads to the breakage of products. Worn out machines can be hazardous and can cause injuries.

Therefore, it is suggested to buy the appropriate and new machines with the latest technology that are easily operated and enhance productivity.

4) Measure and Communicate the Right Metrics-

For a successful business, metrics must be considered. It is rightly said that you cannot improve something that is not measured. You need to have a thorough understanding of these numbers and variables that states -Critical KPIs, cost on shipped orders, cost per line sent, measurement of products in bulk prices by a particular machine, running costs, etc. Know them all and report the feedback to your employees for changing certain factors.

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