Top 4 Reasons Why Your Roof is Damaged

The roof is one of the most important parts of your home. It provides you and everything inside your home shelter against rain, extreme weather, and other environmental conditions. Additionally, it is also designed to be durable enough to last for quite a few years. Repairing a roof is quite an investment which we generally push off till it’s too late. Repairing the roof is a massive task, and quite a nightmare for the inmates. But pushing off the task till it’s too late can not only increase your cost but cause major damage to the house. However, unless you know the reasons to repair roof damage, you won’t take action in time. Roofs should be checked once after the coldest weather and once after the hottest weather. There are dozens of causes of roof damage to be aware of. But the great majority of repair needs stem from one of the following five causes:

Wind Damage

High winds, hail, and other weather events can create damage to roofs that may trigger repairs or insurance claims. Roofs should be inspected immediately after the following weather events to prevent further damage. Damage from winds or hail can be minor or major. In case of minor roof requires maintenance but in case of major roof can be replaced. when roofs are not properly designed or installed to provide proper perimeter securement, severe damage can occur. Storm damage may require emergency repairs costing even more money.

Water Damage

Water is the second great enemy of your roof. Not only can water find an opening and penetrate your water barrier to cause damage inside, but moisture can get under the roofing and cause rot, mold, and mildew and if you see your ceiling and walls having mold and mildew growth, the reason may be your leaky roof. If you find them growing too fast, address the root cause immediately and get the leak repaired.

Broken Shingles

When it comes to the veracity of your roof, every shingle counts. Missing shingles can mean that there are holes in your roof, which could be exposed to the elements and rotting. However, a missing shingle could cause several issues over time if the remaining shingles deteriorate from exposure to water, wind, and sunlight. Whenever you see granules of roof shingles falling, it is a sign that they are wearing out. Repair the roof before too many granules fall and the shingles break completely.

High Energy Bills

Due to air leakage and poor insulation in the roof their can be sudden increase in your heating and cooling bills. Cracks and gaps in the roof can make the homes colder in winter by making the heated air escape. Similarly, in warmer months, the openings allow the cooled air to escape. Due to such circumstances, the air conditioner or the heating system will have to work longer and harder to maintain the desired temperature in the house. This leads to a steep increase in energy consumption and consequent electricity bills.

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