How to Take Care of Your Eye Sight 


Eyes are a blessing and they must be well taken care of to ensure that their functionality remains optimal for the years to come. They help you make sense of the world around you. 

Eye diseases usually lead to extremely weak eye sight or vision loss too. Therefore, it is important to not take them lightly. If you have severe eye pain or vision blurring issues then consulting with a good eye doctor is important. 

And if you do not have troubling eye dilemmas, then maintaining their health is equally crucial. For a sharper vision and healthier eye sight, here are a few things that you must include in your daily routine. 

Do Not Rub Your Eyes:

Your hands constantly exposed to a lot of bacteria, dust and dirt. Each time you eat with these hands or rub your eyes with them; you are transferring the bacteria to your system. Thus, avoid putting your hands on your eyes again and again. Do not rub them frequently. This enhances your chances of getting eye infections and causes irritation too. 

Avoid Direct Sunlight Contact:

A lot of exposure to sunlight causes excessive eye damage. It is one of the major causes of macular degeneration. It can also lead to cornea sunburn. Thus, it is important to understand that sunglasses aren’t just a fashion accessory. They are extremely important for eye protection as well. For More Information Visit

Stay Hydrated:

You might think that what have eyes to do with water? But there is a huge connection of dehydration with your eyesight. Sufficient water intake is extremely important for your body’s entire wellbeing. Hydration reduces eye irritation and weak eyesight issues. Therefore, staying hydrated is crucial and must never be overlooked. 

Balanced Diet:

Vitamins and nutrients play a huge role in maintaining your eye health. Omega-3, Vitamin C, E and A and Lutein are some of the most important nutrients that are required by the human body. Thus, ensuring that your diet is infused with different types of foods which are rich in the required nutrients is important. 

20-20 Rule:

The 20-20 rule is extremely important to follow if you want to keep your eyes healthy and maintained for the years to come. Here are some 20-20 rule examples that you can follow:

Look away from your computer after every 20 minutes. Keep your eye sight at an object that is at least 20ft away from you. Blink 20 times successively, to avoid possibility of eye dryness. If you sit a lot due to office hours, walk around for a bit, after every 20 minutes. 


The human eye is exposed to a lot of dust and dirt, which not only irritates the eye but tends to make it prone to damage as well. Therefore, taking care of them is extremely crucial and you must take tiny steps to do so. With these simple tips you can start looking after your eyesight in a proficient manner.

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